Monday, April 18, 2011

Race for Reviews Giveaway!!

Before I say anything, I have to give a shout out to Andrea at the Bookish Babes, for giving Dirty Blood such a great review. You can check it out here. She's also doing a giveaway on her site for Dirty Blood now through April 30th, as well as an interview by me. Go read it and come right back. I'll wait...

Okay, now that you're back...

I know there's been so much hype that you're all at the edge of your seats about the mysterious giveaway that I know for a fact I've mentioned at least twice now. For those of you who've been paying attention, I originally stated that I'd unveil the magnificent giveaway by end of last week so I'm running like 3 days late. (story of my life right now)

I took a little longer to really hone the details because I wanted to get it right. I am doing a number of giveaways in the coming weeks through other sites, and I didn't want to overlap or repeat myself. I also wanted to do something unique and something that is mutually beneficial, if you will.

So, Reviews.

Reviews are pretty important to us authors. They lend a certain credibility where there might not yet be any, especially for us newbies. And I'm a writer, a story teller, a liar - for a living. So I'm not offended to know that the reader doesn't trust me enough to take my word for it. They need to hear from some regular joe's, instead. (i.e. YOU)

This whole process becomes especially important as a self-published author, like moi. Reviews are sort of a life line in the marketing-advertising-promoting-platform-building smash up that we are always juggling. Now - let me stop and point out right here and now that I don't mean Stepford Wife-like reviews. I mean honest, opinionated, though never cruel, real life impression of my story kind of reviews. Those are the ones that count.

So. The details of the giveaway is this:

I'm going to have a RACE TO 30 REVIEWS!

Let's see how fast we can hit 30 reviews EACH. The first contestant in the race is my new paranormal romance: Dirty Blood. And the second, my YA Fantasy: Across The Galaxy. ITS A RACE!

Every review posted gets you entered into the drawing and as soon as we hit 30 reviews, I'll draw the winners. THIS IS A TWO PART CONTEST so there will be 2 sets of winners, one for each title. And yes, you can enter for both, and potentially win both! AND, if you've already read one or both, and left a review, it already counts towards the contest. AND if you've read one or both, but haven't left a review, go do it NOW!

So, here's exactly how you can be entered: (1) Choose either, Barnes and or and leave a review for one of my books mentioned above.
(2) You will receive an entry for EVERY review you post, so if you post to all three sites, you get three entries
(3) if you tag the book on Amazon, you will receive an extra entry. (Email me the tags you used so I know.)

As soon as we reach 30 reviews for a title, I'll do the drawing for that title. Here's what you'll get:

Dirty Blood Grand Prize: signed paperback of Dirty Blood, e-Book of Across the Galaxy, e-Book of Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby, AND an ARC of Cold Blood, the sequel to Dirty Blood, when its ready. (ARC will be ecopy)

Across The Galaxy Grand Prize: signed paperback of Across The Galaxy, e-Book of Dirty Blood, e-Book of Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby, AND an ARC of Cold Blood, the sequal to Dirty Blood, when its ready. (ARC will be an ecopy)

Two runner ups (for each drawing) will receive: 2 eBooks of their choice. (Can choose any of my titles as well as Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby) as well as ARC of Cold Blood when its ready.

The race is on.
Ready... Set... Go!


  1. Great idea!

    Good luck with the reviews...

  2. Thanks for the shoutout. This contest is a terrific idea!

  3. Thanks eBook Magic!
    Andrea: and it helps that you're already entered, right? =)

  4. Yay! Going over to her blog now ! ty.