Friday, June 28, 2013

Cover reveal and giveaway, AHHHHHH!

I have been saving this cover and petting it like Gollum pets the precious for WEEKS now. I am so excited to finally show it to you and tell you that I know for FACTUAL TRUTH that Blood Rule, the next Dirty Blood book, will be out August 6th!!!!
yayayayay *happy dance*
Now, because no one cares about my words when there's a new cover below, I will skip right to that and show you the pretty. Ready?!

Blood Rule
Book 4 in the Dirty Blood series
Coming 8/6/13

That’s how many hybrids survived the Hunter attack in the woods after I revived them with an injection of my blood. That’s how many followed me home to Frederick Falls. And that’s how many were now mentally linked to me through a blood bond.

Two days. Three valium. Fourteen hours of sleep.
That’s what it took to realize I wasn’t losing my mind as a result of the noise in my own head.

That’s how many days have passed since I almost killed Alex. That’s how many days I’ve sat by his bedside, waiting for him to wake up. To ease the guilt, to understand his betrayal, to remember the exact shade of brown in his eyes.

That’s my chances of skating by with Gordon Steppe and the Hunter Council. They want me for questioning. I’m afraid what’ll happen if I give them answers.

And because the only thing that would make this better is the chance to get something FREE, there's also a giveaway. Enter below! 
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In the meantime, I am off on a motorcycle adventure. I will pick a winner when I get back. Enjoy the pretty!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Authors of UtopYA Ultimate Giveaway

The countdown has been going on for months, and now it’s almost time! One of the most fun conventions of the year is about to happen, and some of your favorite authors attending UtopYA want to celebrate. We’ve gotten together, and have some amazing prizes that you’re not going to want to miss out on.
Ultimate Swag Pack Giveaway:

True reading fans love to collect goodies from their favorite authors, but this giveaway takes that to the next level! If you’re going to UtopYA this year, you’re going to want to get your hands on this Ultimate Swag Pack. Some of your favorite authors have gotten together to give you their very best swag. I’m not talking about a signed bookmark (although those are included)—this prize pack includes the following:

·        Leather bracelet from Tiffany King
·        “Grant’s Cupcake” tee shirt from Sarah M Ross
·        Lavender/Spearmint bath salts from Heather Self
·        “Nick Rocks my World” mug and bath soaps from Ella James
·        Skull Necklace and other prizes from Amy Jones
·        Keychain from Morgan Wylie
·        Signed mini-poster and other prizes from Quinn Loftis
·        Custom USB loaded with books and Necklace from Laura Elliott
·        Modified Swag Pack from CA Kunz
·        Estilorian Swag Pack from Raine Thomas
·        Bracelet from SR Johannes
·        Archers of Avalon tote bag and coffee mug from Chelsea Fine

AND from me: A custom Imitation necklace AND a picture with Linc ON his motorcycle Saturday night!!!! <-- yes, for real!
And that’s just part of the prizes you can win!  So now that you’re salivating and reaching out your “gimme, gimme” hands, you’re probably wondering how to enter. We’re giving you a few options:

1.   Make a video hyping UtopYA and the authors of UtopYA. Then, post this video on FB or Twitter and email it to (so we don’t accidentally miss it in the Twitterverse. This video can be short and sweet – basically telling people that UtopYA is coming and about the amazing authors that are going.

2.   Make a FB banner or meme hyping UtopYA and the authors of UtopYA. This is the same concept of the video, but for the more camera shy folks out there. Then, change it to your banner and email it to to have your entry counted.

*We’re not giving a whole lot of instruction on how to do this on purpose. We want you to be creative! Get those juices flowing! Want to make a Utop rendition of “Call Me Maybe”? Or post a video of you stalking your favorite authors before you stalk them in real life at Utop? A meme of Grumpy Cat at Utop with the authors? The possibilities are endless! But make it creative! All the participating authors will vote on the one that WOW’s us the most.  And remember: This part of the contest is open to peeps attending UtopYA only! Prizes to be picked up at UtopYA!!
Not able to make it to UtopYA this year? Don’t worry! We have a great giveaway for you too! Enter the Rafflecopter below to win some amazing autographed paperbacks! (Open to US residents only! Sorry!!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway