Friday, April 1, 2011

Exciting times, people, Exciting times.

 Just incase you haven't noticed, and we'll pretend that you had, I've been noticeably absent from blog posting and such this past week. Well, ALOT has been going happening!

First - The BIG news:

Two of my very bestest, most awesome writer friends - Angeline Kace and Jennifer Sommersby - and I have formed an indie publishing group called Accendo Press. You should definitely check out our site at because its awesome, and then you should bookmark it because it will only get better as we add stuff for new releases and giveaways - but we'll get to that in a minute. So, Accendo.

Accendo came about as a result of how much the three of us already help each other out, with our writing, and marketing, and whatever else we need. So, we decided, let's go one further, and start a press. Basically, publishing our books under the umbrella of Accendo Press gives the reader a guarantee that we've put in the time and elbow grease to make that book a quality peice of literature. AND if you like one of our books, you know you're going to get similar quality in any book put out by us. So, while you're waiting on Jenn's sequel to Sleight to come out, like I am, you could pick up my novel or short story, because you know it's going to be great, too. We're really excited about this, and would love the support of other indies, as we will definitely continue to support you. Creating our own Press is something new and very forward-thinking in the digital publishing market, so we're exciting to be taking an exciting step forward in our careers with this idea.

And we're serious about our mission. Accendo, a Latin word, means to ignite, inflame, or kindle. Which is exactly what we strive to do, in the imagination of each of our readers. Here's Accendo Press' logo:

We love it!

*Before I go any further, I must say this: To all our fellow indies, we love you so so much but at least for now, we aren't adding any more authors. Mainly because of all the help we do give each other, and if we added to the list, we'd have no time left for writing our own stuff. So, we do still love you, and we will get Twitter Tipsy with you any time you want. Just say the word. I'm sure you guys understand. =)

The other big news, which is more of an update, really, is Dirty Blood. I've been editing like a crazy woman for a week now, and it's almost there, really, it is. I'm working on it today and then need to do another read through, because I really want to catch any misspellings and such. So, should be uploading it Sunday maybe? Will definitely post an announcement and let you know the when of it all, as soon as I figure it out. It's exciting, though, because this book is definitely my best yet, and its such a fun story.

Check back here for Chapter One to be released, possibly Saturday. Oh- and one more thing. New cover for DreamKiller. Thank you Angeline. I love it!! Ir's so perfect. And I just uploaded it, so its on its way to Amazon and B & N's estores as we speak.


  1. Awesome news Heather! ^_^ Congratulations on the press and the book. Indie powers activated! lol

  2. Congrats you guys! Have fun and go print some SMUT!!

  3. Wow, exciting times for you all!

  4. Congrats to all three of you! Wishing you much success on this journey! :)

  5. Thanks guys! P.S. If you haven't yet, go read Zoe Winters blog. Keyboard Hussy is over there being her hilarious self and giving away writer secrets. Oh and Konrath did a GREAT April Fools joke, go check it out.

  6. Yay Heather! Thanks for the public THANK YOU on your Blog! I'm just glad that you like it, 'cause I think its' great too! ♥

    Angeline Kace