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Seven 11 Hop: A teaser from my upcoming release and a clean glass of water

It's that time again. The monthly Seven 11 Blog Hop is a teaser event where some awesome author peeps get together and tease you ... (with their fiction-writing, DUH!)

This month is a special one because it's also one of my BFF's and author friends, Amanda Aksel's birthday! (you can check out her books and Seven 11 teaser here.)

Also, she's kind of freaking out about being the dirty thirty. So, Amanda, this is for you:

And in honor of her freak-out, she's asked you NOT give presents. Take your money and give it all to CharityWater, instead, a charity committed to providing clean water to countries and people without. You can donate here to offer up someone thirsty a clean glass of water.

And now, my teaser! And because I couldn't help myself, it's a little longer than 7 lines. I am really bad at following directions...

“Dad, what’s going on?” Regan asked.
“We’re getting ready for a wedding,” he said, the words so matter-of-fact, I was surprised Regan didn’t already know. It felt like everyone knew what was going on but me.
“It looks like a pretty big deal,” I said. “Who’s going to be married?”
“You are,” he said. And then, turning to Regan, added, “Or maybe it will be you.”
I felt all the blood rush out of my head. The world spun around me, and I had to grab one of the benches to stay standing. “Excuse me? I’m … You’re joking. This is a joke, right?”
Regan was pale and deathly silent beside me.
“Not a joke,” he corrected. “Rather a pledge. Tonight, we are hosting an engagement party for the impending marriage of the next alpha. Whichever of my daughters that turns out to be.”
My half-sister stiffened behind him. Her eyes went round and her nostrils flared.
“That doesn’t make any sense,” I protested.
“It makes too much sense, and there’s the logic in it that can’t be overlooked, unfortunately. No matter our...feelings,” he said with a pointed look at Regan that sent a ripple of dread through me.
“Dad, what did you do?” Regan asked.
“It’s time for both of you to learn about the treaty,” Dad said. “Sit down.”
I did what he told me to, but not because I wanted to be obedient. I just didn’t have any other choice. My legs wouldn’t hold me up anymore. Regan didn’t budge, but she was breathing hard, and I guessed she hadn’t known any more about the marriage thing than I did.
Marriage? Was he crazy? Had living out here in isolation amongst only werewolves rotted his brain? 

(Bitteroot, a YA PNR novella series coming this Fall)

And before you go, show Amanda some birthday lurve and enter to win an ebook copy of her book!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

(slightly more than) Seven 11 Blog Hop & a giveaway

It's time for another Seven 11 Blog hop. Which means you get a random seven lines from my current draft!... Only, this month, it seems I forgot how to count :) I'm giving you the first SNEAK PEEK of a new project I'm working on with SM Reine due out this Fall. It's called Bitterroot. A YA paranormal with (drum roll...) werewolves vs. vampires!

Read on and then click the links at the end for a sweet giveaway and more authors who have posted teasers. And if you want more info on Bitterroot (teasers, release date, cover reveal, etc) make sure you get signed up for my Love Birds newsletter and be the first to know!

I bounded down the steps and darted in among the parked cars, heading straight for the treeline at the edge of the blacktop. I glanced around as I ran, making sure no one witnessed my strange exit--you never knew who’d stepped out the back door to sneak a cigarette--but it looked like the coast was clear.

I sniffed. Yep. I was alone.

My body relaxed when I stepped off the pavement and onto the soft ground of the woods. A collective exhale.

The change was fast and easy these days, but it wasn’t always that way. It was kind of embarrassing as a kid. Lots of torn clothes and nudity. But there was a trick to it, and my mom and I had practiced enough that everything went much smoother these days. Now, I knew how to shift at will--and still have my clothes on when I shifted back.

I held my breath and focused on keeping everything together as I shifted into my wolf form. Skin and muscles rippled. The air around me shivered. I fell onto all fours, and it was paws that hit the ground instead of fingers.

Starting out with an easy run, I increased my speed until the depressions of my prints were so slight, they barely left a mark. I’d been denying myself this all week. It was too difficult to give in often here, among so many humans. But tonight, with the rain to mask my scent, and all of the nocturnal creatures hiding from the deluge, I could run. I gave in to my stolen minutes of guilty freedom and let everything fall away but my wolf.

The run home was entirely too short, but at least I made curfew. I shifted at the edge of the woods, bracing against the chill of the night air on my bare skin as my fur fell away. My dress remained intact, though a little muddy around the hem (which would annoy my mom to no end). The shoes weren’t so lucky. I must have left them behind.

“Stupid heels,” I muttered. For whatever reason, they were so much harder to hang on to than sneakers.

I stomped toward the house, bare feet sucking in and out of the mud. Halfway up the back steps, voices drifted over. I halted mid-step and looked around for the source.

“I’m telling you, I just scented someone, and it wasn’t Anita. I think she’s almost here,” said a voice. The speaker sounded young, close to my age maybe.

“Must be on foot, then,” said another. This one was deeply male. Older.

Their conversation caught my attention. They smelled me? A human couldn’t have…

No way. It couldn’t be.


I was kind of uncertain about posting this or putting it out. Some people say paranormal romance is dead right now. I think they're crazy. In the comments, let me know what you think! 

When you're finished, click the links below to read more great teasers from some authors I love....

From now until June 17, I'm giving away one of my favorite planners: The Passion Planner! The best way to keep focused and balanced as it prompts you to remember things like self-care and introspection along with your daily life and work.
To get entered, share about the Connective Collective, a monthly conference call for authors, and use the rafflecopter to record your entry.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop for April

Hi from Roanoke, VA! 

I'm here for the weekend signing books and staying up late chatting about book boyfriends and all the fun "fiction gossip" that goes with getting to hang out with My People. 

Monday, I fly out for Guam, and I Can't. Wait. For. Hot. (I meant the weather, not the husband. Okay, yes, I did. I meant both.) So next week I'll probably be a little absent as I adjust through the jet lag, etc. and get settled in my house there. and then Pictures!

This winter fellllt loooong. Pretty sure I left my house only on a Must-Survive basis. Same goes for real pants. But I did write three books during that time. 

More news on what's coming next very soon!

In the meantime, a throwback for this month's Seven 11 Blog Hop! 

7 lines from Dirty Blood, the book that started it all, really. 

Enjoy and then click through to some other awesome authors!

His eyes were the same exact color as his hair, a sort of bronzed brown, and they seemed to hold some dark edge that hinted at danger, no matter how gentle they got. The rest of him wasn’t bad, either. His face matched his eyes, rugged and hard edges from his cheekbones to his jaw. When he’d spun me around, I’d grabbed out to steady myself and even now my hands still rested on his shoulders, where I’d first gripped. Underneath my fingers, and the leather of his jacket, was solid muscle. The fact that I was actually checking him out—just moments after killing a girl—was my first clue I was in shock.

If you haven't read it yet, you can get book 1 and two FREE
when you sign up for my Love Birds email updates!

Amanda Aksel - 7 lines from her new secret project I can't WAIT to read!
Steph Nuss - not YA-appropriate but GREAT adult reads!

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Generation's cover and a bonus scene

Generation (The Imitation Series, Book 3)
Releasing October 13, 2015

After months of pretending to be Raven Rogen, Ven feels less like a clone and more like a human than ever. But when Raven’s father, Titus—the same man who engineered Ven—discovers her plan to escape, everything she’s worked so hard for is taken away in one explosive moment.

Now she’s imprisoned in Twig City, the secret warehouse where she grew up. She spends her days plotting ways to get back to the outside world, determined to topple Titus’s empire and free every last Imitation. But Titus’s reach is extensive and his plans are more deadly than she realized.

In the shocking conclusion to the Imitation series, one wrong move could mean the end for Ven and everyone she’s come to love.


If you have not Read Deviation Yet

Bonus Scene from Linc
*Two Months After the End of Deviation*

The car is warm despite the chill outside. My window has fogged and I shift trying to get a better view. My legs cramp at being bent so long. I stretch them slowly, first right and then left. My knee pops and I wince. Anna looks over, an apology on the edge of her lips.
“I’m fine,” I say.
She presses her lips together and I know what she’s thinking. We could leave. But neither of us is willing to give up with so little to report back.
The mission is to watch Marla, the woman Titus uses as his gatekeeper out of Twig City. She’s one option among a scant few that we’ve come up with as a way in to look for Ven. Melanie suggested we follow her and try to find a weakness, something we can use against her. But the woman is a robot. She goes to work, she comes home, she watches The Biggest Loser. If we don’t find anything tonight, we’ll move on. I need to watch, to spot something we can exploit. I can’t do that through frosted glass.
Maybe my breaths are too heavy. I will myself to calm down. Anna’s still watching me, her brow furrowed like she’s still trying to come up with a way to fix me. If she only knew.
I pretend not to see her and stare through the window. Outside, the darkness is lit by the soft glow of the street lamps but it’s eerie to me. Shadows encroaching on the light. Monsters plotting. Everything in my life feels like a damn threat these days.
“You could climb in the backseat,” Anna offers finally.
I sigh. Anna’s always trying to please others.
“I’m good,” I repeat, pretending the stiffness doesn’t linger when I reposition my legs and tuck them underneath the dashboard. We’ve been here six hours and counting. Not how I wanted to spend the night—with a girl who isn’t Ven.
As usual when I think of her, I wince at the ache it brings. Anna’s gaze sharpens as she studies me across the shadowed interior of Melanie’s car.
“She’s fine, you know,” Anna says.
I consider pretending not to catch her meaning but it’s no use. I’ve been an open book with a harsh ending for months now. I pretend to stare at Marla’s townhouse at the end of the street but I don’t register a damn thing about it. Inside my head, Ven’s eyes blink back at me, trusting. Her lips pucker affectionately. All of the images are reminders that I failed her.
“How do you know?” I ask and hate the tortured sound of my own words.
“Ven is a fighter. She always has been. She’ll find a way to be okay.”
I ran a hand over my hair, rubbing hard as if that will erase the images that taunt me. “You sound really sure about that. But you can’t know. Not really. She’s in there and we’re out here and no one has even seen her.” Anger, helpless rotten fury, wells in my veins. Without meaning to, my hands ball into fists in my lap.
“He won’t kill her,” Anna says. I don’t know whether to be relieved or dismayed that she sounds so sure. Anna can be hopeful to the point of na├»ve. But right now, it’s all I’ve got to cling to. “If he was going to do it, he would’ve done it long before that night,” she adds.
I lean my head back on the seat, giving up the pretense of actually performing any recon. “How do you do that?” I ask.
“Do what?”
I look over in time to see her blink at me, so unaware of her own strength. Like Ven. I grimace, shove that aside, and force myself to focus on the present. “Be so optimistic all the time,” I say. “Even when things look completely hopeless you’re upbeat.”
Sh shrugs. “My Authentic was that way. Maybe she influenced me. Maybe it’s partly my personality.” She sounds uncertain and I glance sideways at her.
“And the other part?”
“Families don’t give up on each other,” she says. And it’s a matter-of-fact kind of thing that knocks me for a loop. Guilt gnaws at me. She’s right. And she’s family too. All of them are now and I’ve been so wrapped up in losing Ven and trying to get her back, I’ve forgotten all of them are messed up too.
“You’re right,” I say, forcing myself to sound like I mean it. For Anna’s sake. I twist to face her squarely. “We are family. And families always fight.”
She smiles at me but I look away. I don’t know how to tell her that particular kind of smile, the warm, fuzzy feeling it gives, reminds me of Ven. I don’t deserve a smile like that when I lost her to  a man like Titus Rogen.
I clear my throat and look around for something to say. “How’s your arm?” I ask.
She holds it up and even in the dim lighting I see the scar is already fading. “Much better,” she says.
I grunt, glad to see the infection didn’t cause permanent damage. Cutting out a GPS tracker is risky business. But she’s right, it looks a lot better. Much more healed than my sorry ass broken heart. I look up at Marla’s house one last time and start the engine. There’s nothing for us here. We’re going to have to do this another way.

Haven’t Started the Series Yet?
Get Imitation for Your Kindle or Pre-Order Your Paperback Coming May 19!

Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me. 

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has neverneeded Ven . . . until now.

When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?
Coming Soon!
Get Your Copy NOW!

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be assertive but avoid conflict

The rules go something like this

Be sweet but not naive.
Be friendly but not flirty.
Be pretty but not invitingly so.
Be smart but not too smart.
Be confident but not cocky.
Be helpful but don't get taken advantage of.
Be fun but not scandalous.
Be discreet but don't lie.
Be funny but not vulgar.
Be feminine but not slutty.
Be assertive but avoid conflict.
Be demure but not a tease.
Be tough but not masculine.
Be discerning but friends with everyone.
Be sorry.

I'm an author. I understand the weight of words. These are a particularly heavy set. In fact, looking back, I realize now that they were the foundational bricks of my childhood. Whether by word or unspoken lesson, they were ingrained in me from as far back as I can remember, framing the entire construction of my adulthood. And maybe yours too.

Some who taught me these truths did it in purpose and some by accident. And with contradictions like these (not to mention gender and cultural stereotypes), it's no wonder girls grow up to be women who don't know who they are. Or worse, grow up pretending to be someone they're not.

A few years ago, something happened in my personal life that forced me to take stock of who I was. The experience and then the overcoming took everything I had and then some. I learned I was NOT the girl described above. The girl my parents, my church, and my society all tried to teach me to be with the words up there. And thank goodness! I would never have made it if I'd tried using those as my parameters.

It's been years since then and STILL, I find myself cowering down underneath one of those lies once in a while. Usually when someone or something comes along and doubts me. In those times, I am tempted to react based on one of those traits I'm "supposed to have."

There are times when I've tried making myself smaller, afraid to speak up and say how smart I was in case it made the other person insecure. Or I'd apologize even though it wasn't really my fault. Or I'd feel unattractive because I was dressed in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt instead of something "girly."

And the one I most often struggle with is "Be Assertive but Avoid Conflict."

I have always had a very individualized sense of what I believe is right. Growing up, I didn't see the world as black and white like my family and faith did. I saw it as (please forgive the pun, it's not a good one) so many shades of gray. And I always felt this surge of temper and defiance against someone I felt violated a personal level of respect over differing opinions. I think the Christians I grew up with call it judgement.

But then avoiding conflict became the thing to do (we have a genetic disorder called DENIAL that runs in my family) and even now, it's so hard for me to speak into a situation with conflict. But I do it. Even with hands shaking and heart pounding and my throat is splotchy with red (does that happen to you? So not attractive according to the rules.) ... Even then I do it anyway.

And I walk away and repeat to myself that conflict isn't bad. It's uncomfortable. What's bad is not standing up for what you believe. As an author, a "social figure," we're schooled and reminded lest we forget to always BEHAVE. Don't rock the boat. Don't tell you who I voted for or what God I believe in or anything that will offend you because that will alienate--and this is business.

But that's giving into the rules. And I don't want to live with those anymore. I honestly prefer the gray. So, here's to living out loud and being who you are:

I believe in God and karma and our inner Buddha. I believe we're all one energy made from the same atoms of The Universe and we're all interconnected. I believe in an afterlife. In soul mates. In magic and the law of attraction. I believe we're all beautiful and capable and worthy. I believe we shouldn't have to be smaller for others to feel bigger. I believe in talking about the hard issues in the daylight. I believe sweeping anything under the rug is wrong. I believe in standing up for what's right even if it makes you loud and too assertive for the rules. I believe in forgiving yourself. I believe in having an opinion. I believe if you're reading this post with a nasty frown, the only reason you might be angry is because you're still living by the rules.

I believe that it's possible for you to break free.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Seven 11 blog hop: Broken Blood is available now with chances to win!

So excited it's finally here!!! 

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 Lots of chances for goodies, too. First, this one is ONLY available if you're on my Love Birds newsletter list. Click on the top right of my site to sign up and then complete the instructions below to get entered!

SECOND chance to win...

Purchase and leave a review, email me the link, and get FREE swag in the mail!

And last, Ash over at Morning Books and Coffee is sponsoring a Grand Prize: KINDLE PAPERWHITE giveaway in honor of Broken Blood!! Second prize is a wolf's tooth necklace and a signed swag pack.

And, because this is also the monthly 7-11 blog hop....
From Broken Blood: a 7-line teaser

A thousand words passed between us in a single fleeting stare. Alex looked away first, scuffing his toe and making a big deal out of inspecting my room. “It’s not bad,” he said finally. I wasn’t sure who he was trying so hard to convince.
I looked down at the comb I’d dropped at my feet and wished like hell its teeth were of the flesh-eating variety instead.
“You’re one of them,” I said, and the eerie calm I felt at hearing myself speak the words scared me more than realizing their truth.

Visit these other fantastic authors for more 7-line teasers:


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Broken Blood cover and win digital ARCs!

It's cover reveal day, Love Birds!

Broken Blood (Dirty Blood #5)
is coming March 11!

I thought watching my Werewolf boyfriend get arrested for murder was the worst experience of my life. But then I was knocked out and dragged off to a cell of my own by the very people who were supposed to protect me from danger.

I thought being held prisoner in solitary confinement for weeks on end was the worst experience of my life. But then a visitor came, and I realized I’d been wrong all along. There are worse things than torture and death. Much worse.

He wants my blood. More than that, he wants to get into my head. To use my bond to control his army, to wipe the world clean of anything with dirty blood. I can’t let that happen, but if I don’t he’ll kill every single person I’ve ever cared about—beginning with my Werewolf pack.

The prophecy said I would have to make an impossible choice, but I must be doing this wrong—so far every choice I’ve made has only led to more pain and danger and death. Hunters are pitted against Werewolves and I’m alone in my war against Gordon Steppe. I can’t fight him off anymore; all I can do is try to keep him out of the important places. And I’m failing at even that.

I thought the demons were out there, clearly marked and clinging to the shadows. But they’re not. The monsters are within the ranks of those sworn to protect. The enemy is among us.

I can't wait for you guys to read how things end up for Tara, Wes, and gang! There are some serious twists and surprises here!

Right now, I have a contest going but ONLY for Love Birds (my newsletter peeps.) Get signed up if you aren't already. And reply to the first email I send you with a picture of you in the snow. I'll pick the 5 best photos on Friday (2/27), post them to FB, and the winners get digital ARCs of Broken Blood! 

Stay warm!

P.S. If you haven't started the series yet, you can read Dirty Blood for FREE! Just click the Dirty Blood Series tab above for links to e-book retailers!

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True Confessions: A Blog Hop of Giveaways (paperbacks, not VCards)

The Losing It Collection is OUT TODAY!
And it was such a blast to write but there were definitely funny moments too. We're a group of authors that writes mostly YA and we're breaking out into SEXYTIME. Some of us for the first time!

Yep, our first time. We'll never forget it...

We want to share some of our struggle with you because writing beyond the "curtain call of YA" is a little awkward for us! In fact, these admissions deserve a tour...and lots of giveaways!
Here's mine but read on for other True Confessions and chances to win!

Confession: The Most Awkward Thing About Writing My Losing It Scene Was When:

I had to think of the words to describe BODY PARTS. So awkward... Especially when your kids walk in and out of the room asking for juice and "Mom, are you done and ready to come spend time with me yet?" 

No, I need to think of a sexier adjective for BONER and I'll be right there...


I really hope you enjoy my short story from the collection, the night Tara and Wes get ONE HOUR together, no interruptions, no rules, no responsibilities. Bow-chick-a-wow-wow...

One Hour (Tara and Wes) is available as part of Losing It: A Collection of VCards, available now wherever ebooks are sold!

Kindle   /   B&N   /  Apple  

And now the giveaway! My short story, One Hour, takes place between Book 4 and Book 5 in the Dirty Blood series. Book 5 is coming in March so make sure you're caught up. Just in case, I'm offering a paperback of book 4 so you're all set for #5 when it gets here!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

>>> Read all of our confessions and enter to win paperbacks and swag at every stop! <<<
Kristina Circelli (US)
Melissa Haag (INT)
Ednah Walters (INT)
Nikki Jefford (INT)
Stacey Wallace Benefiel (US)
Helen Boswell (US)
S.T. Bende (US)
Amy Miles (US)
S. M. Boyce (US)
Milda Harris (INT)
K. A. Last (INT)
Ginger Scott (US)
Julia Crane (US)
Tish Thawer (US)
Misty Provencher (US)
Alexia Purdy (US)
Tamara Rose Blodgett (US)
A.O. Peart (US)
Bethany Lopez (US)
M.R. Polish (US/UK)
Julie Prestsater (US)

Want to get down and dirty with the authors of Losing It? Join us in the Champagne Room on Facebook. Must be 18 or older to request entry.

Losing It: A Collection of VCards

Amazon US | UK | AU | CA

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Losing It: A Collection of Vcards Coming Feb 11!

Losing It: A Collection of VCards coming Feb 11!

22 Bestselling YA authors reveal what went on behind the curtain in your favorite YA novels! 

From paranormal to contemporary, this collection features over 200 pages of ALL NEW CONTENT full of deleted scenes, extended endings, and more from the young adult series’ you love. 

In this YA/NA crossover collection all of your favorite heroines are cashing in their VCards! YA just got steamy, sexy, and not afraid to go all the way!

Due to the graphic nature of some content, this collection is recommended strictly for mature readers. 

Stories include excerpts and extended material--ALL NEW CONTENT featuring the following YA novels & authors:

The Grimoire Saga by SM Boyce
The Death Series by Tamara Rose Blodgett
Penny Black Trilogy by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Dirty Blood series by Heather Hildenbrand
The Mythology Series by Helen Boswell
Stories About Melissa Series by Bethany Lopez
Keegan’s Chronicles by Julia Crane
The Tate Chronicles by K.A. Last
Fragile Creatures by Kristina Circelli
The Spellbound Trilogy by Nikki Jefford
Judgement of the Six Series by Melissa Haag
A Dark Faerie Tale Series by Alexia Purdy
The Double Threat Series by Julie Prestsater
The Elsker Saga by S.T. Bende
Ovialell Series by Tish Thawer
The Runes Series by Ednah Walters
The Cornerstone Series by Misty Provencher
The Waiting Series by Ginger Scott
Forged Series by A.O. Peart
The Arotas Series by Amy Miles
Funeral Crashing Mysteries by Milda Harris
The Wolf Trilogy by M.R. Polish

Hey Love Birds,

I am so super excited about this collection!

Two weeks until release but the FUN has already started. We're doing a TON of exciting things leading up to and after the big release. (That was a dirty pun, I'm sorry.) 

Here's what's in store:

The blog hop will feature 22 stops. 22 different prizes. 22 true stories from the Losing It authors about what it was like to write SEXY TIME instead of "close the curtain" YA! Take it from me and our private chats during the writing process, some of these ladies were hilarious about their behind-the-scenes process!

Join our Twitter Party! February 11 from 7-9PM EST. Use hashtag #Vcard 
You can ask us anything sexy, silly, or otherwise! 

and this is happening right now!
Join us in the Champagne Room, our private Facebook page, where you'll have VIP access to excerpts, discussions, and giveaways leading up to release (another pun, geez!).
Request exclusive access here:
*Must be 18 to enter. We "ID"

Want to get involved? Help support our campaign on Thunderclap. It's free and fast.

Got a book blog? There's still time to sign up for the Losing It Release Blitz.

And the MOST exciting part!!!....

Want Losing It to appear on your eReader the second it releases?
Be one of the first to receive this oh so satisfying collection of all new, never before published scenes. Over 200 pages with 22 authors. All for 99 cents!

Add the collection at Goodreads

This collection is already the talk of the town so don't wait to check it out. Everybody's doing it ;)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Deviation: the secret inside scoop... and a giveaway

In case you missing it on Dec 30,
Deviation, book 2 in the Clone Chronicles is now available!

Until a month ago, eighteen-year-old Ven had never set foot outside the windowless warehouse where she was created. An Imitation of Raven Rogen, Ven spent her days confined in the lab, studying videos of her Authentic, all so she could step into Raven’s life at a moment’s notice.
Now, Ven lives in Raven’s penthouse apartment, kisses Raven’s boyfriend, and obeys every order from Raven’s dad, Titus Rogen—the very man who created her. But Ven has a secret plan. She doesn’t want Raven’s life. She wants her own.
In the action-packed sequel of Imitation, Ven wages a dangerous war against Titus. First she’ll free herself, then she’ll free every last Imitation. . . .

Here's what's up:
In case you missed ALL of my announcements, explanations, and squeeing for the past 8 months now, YES, this book is familiar, because YES, this is a re-release. 
(new cover, though, and I loooove it!)
Last March, I signed the entire series to Alloy Entertainment (who?? uh, the CW, yo. Get with the program!) and you can read all about that here. 

But basically what that means is two exciting things: 
1. The series has since been optioned for television by NBC!!!!!! AHHHH!!! 
(Fingers crossed Jerry Bruckheimer has me over for the Christmas cookie exchange this year...)
2. Deviation was re-written completely. Okay, not completely, there is that one chapter. But whatever, you have to read it to know which one. 
And the ending will probably make you mad in the way cliffhangers do but what I love about that reaction is--it means you are invested in my characters so it's kind of like #sorrynotsorry. 

Why did I rewrite it?
Here's the part where I admit the thing I should NOT admit. 
I didn't like the first version.

A lot of readers have asked me that question and I feel like I owe you a serious explanation. Especially those who legit PURCHASED the first round and are now having to do so again. (I'm sorry and I love you. I'd give it to you free if I could.)
But the bottom line is this is a better story. 
And once you read it, I think you'll agree. 
And I'll owe you a fruit basket or something.

To everyone who DID buy it BOTH times, I appreciate you so damn hard!!
THANK YOU, my lovely love birds!!

If you haven't read the series yet, you need to start here. You won't be sorry.

Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me.
Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has never needed Ven . . . until now.
When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?
Fans of Cinder, The Selection and Sara Shepard’s Lying Game series will love Imitation, a thrilling, action-packed novel sure to keep readers guessing until the very last page.

Okay, I've rambled and gushed enough. 
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Teaser Time: Seven 11 Blog hop is back!

It's time for the monthly Seven 11 blog hop!
If you don't already know what the Seven 11 blog hop is, it's this:

A monthly hop (on the 11th of every month, silly) where i share 7 lines to tease you from a wip or whatever I basically feel like. You're welcome. 

This month, it's Deviation (released Dec 30, 2014). 

Some of you may be experiencing de ja vu right now. It's cool, me too. Deviation was originally released by yours truly as a self-published title in March of 2014 but then right around that same moment in time, I signed the series to Alloy Entertainment (CW anyone?) and now it has a new home and therefore IS A NEW CREATURE!

I rewrote this entire story from beginning to end. So if you think you know about Deviation during March-July 2014 (these are the months the old version was available), you probably aren't correct. TO jog your memory (or introduce you), here are the 7 opening lines to the story.

I have always been two people at once. Today is no different.

I am Raven Rogen and, especially when they’re not watching, I’m also Ven. Sometimes, my identities separate into two sets of habits, two sets of desires, two sets of miseries. But then, on days like today, they collide and I am both at once.

In this moment, though, I am mostly apprehension. My palms are clammy but I don’t wipe them, fearing the three guards standing sentinel will notice my discomfort. The walls in the room are gray concrete slabs lit by a single incandescent bulb. 

To further jog your memory, for my Love Birds that have been around for a while. This is the previous cover, circa March 2014:

And THIS is the new cover:

Alloy's art design dept is kind of badass.

And if you haven't read book 1 (Imitation), you should 1-click that one first since it's on sale now through Jan 25.

Now, on to the goodies!!


A few days ago, I posted an annoucement about social media changes coming in 2015. Here it is in case you missed it:

It's become increasingly hard to reach and interact with new readers and friends here on FB and other social media outlets. Because of that, I'm making some changes to where I hang out in 2015.
The bottom line is that the EASIEST and most effective way for me to reach you is through my Love Birds newsletter. I don't want any more missing posts or not staying connected and I want you all to get the most from seeing new projects I have coming. As an incentive for you (& a THANK YOU), I am running a contest for subscribers to win signed books!
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Basically, the bottom line is that you really oughtta be a Love Bird (<-- my newsletter groupies) and get me in your inbox. You can sign up here. I'll pick a winner later this month.

And finally, the HOP. This is a hop, remember? Which means there are a slew of other word-ninjas that you need to check out when you leave this page. And they are:

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Now, go discover your next favorite author!