Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Iron King... a review for you, a review for me.

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just finished reading this for the 'YA Addicted Book Club' I am a part of on Goodreads. Here's the deal with it: At first, I wasn't that into it. The story line seemed a little bit "younger" YA than I normally read. But it got interesting and I hung in there and I'm glad I did. It ended up being a cute spin on familiar fairy tale ideas. Tir Na Nog and the Seelie Court and piskies instead of pixies. And some newer types of characters, too. The machines, in particular, were very creative. The world the author built was reminscent of a hundred different fairy tale ideas, all smashed together, and it was fun to hear a familiar term (dryads, silkies, sirens, etc) but spun differently. The relationships and story layers, were definitely age appropriate and roped me in. And the tension and impossibilites of the romantic relationship there has me already reaching for Book 2.

Another recent review you might want to peak at. Andrea, over at Bookish Babes, just posted this for Across the Galaxy:

 "...Across the Galaxy is a beautifully descriptive book. Author Heather Hildenbrand does a terrific job of placing the reader into the scenery. While reading of Arizona, I felt myself visualizing the terrain, the orange and red of the sky, the heat. As I was taken 'across the galaxy' into each ensuing world, the imagery given made each planet feel real. The animals, trees, grass, water; every detail was given its due. True escapism at its best.
  Each character in the story, beginning with Alina, is set up in a realistic way. Their emotions, reactions, the conversations were all believable. I felt as if I got to be a part of the characters getting to know one another. There wasn't any of the "insta love" I've read in a lot of books. When Alina meets Ander, also a native to her home planet, they actually take the time to get to know one another in a real way. That was very, very refreshing. But as they do get to know each other, that chemistry is smoking hot!..."
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Thank you so much Andrea, for your enthusiasm and fabulous review!


  1. I would say "I'm you biggest fan!", but I don't want you to imagine me as Kathy Bates holding you hostage. I have loved both of your books & look forward to loving many more in the future.

  2. lol, you can totally say you're my biggest fan!! i think its awesome! (minus the hostage part, yeah skip that.) And don't worry, you're on my special ARC list for Cold Blood. Now I just need to write it!