Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dirty Blood... at last.

Wowzer, peeps. LOTZ going on in Heather-Heather land!

But it's bound to be that way after a book release, right? And I'm having so much fun. It feels like Christmas and my birthday because I'm getting so much love about Dirty Blood AND Across the Galaxy today, AND I just bought Cassandra Clare's: City of Fallen Angels, which I'm about to dive into, so yeah, good times.

Oh, and for those of you that checked, yesterday: Amazon was trying to make me look like a liar! Dirty Blood was uploaded on Saturday afternoon; PLENTY of time to go live on Amazon by Monday. At least, in my experience. Apparently, they had issues, though? Because, according to my computer, it didn't go live until this morning. So yeah, launch day was kind of a tease. But it's there now. Click here to check, if you don't believe me. And buy it, too. That'll put me in my place. Hehe.

Here's the 4-1-1 on my books:

Andrea over at The Bookish Babes is reading Across the Galaxy, and will be reviewing when she's done. She's posted a teaser on her site here. I have to be honest, I read the excerpt, and was like "I wrote that?? Huh, not bad." Seriously... I don't mean that to be egotistical, I just really had forgotten. Anyway, she's got Dirty Blood on deck, as soon as this one is done, so she's a doll. Thanks Andrea!

Also out today is an Author Spotlight post by MD Christie - one of my #TGNO girls. Check it out here. She's awesomesauce.

In the works:

A giveaway, forthcoming on this blog. Stay tuned for deets.

A review/author interview by Wenona Hulsey.

Goodreads giveaway (paperback version!), coming soon.

OH- and coming as soon as she gets her butt in gear: a guest post by Jennifer Sommersby, author of Sleight. Awesomest book I've read in forever! Her kids were out of school all last week, and if you know anything about kids, you know that means she had her hands full. Back to work, Jenn!!


  1. Congratulations on your second e-book.

    I wish you much success!

  2. This is my first time here and I love learning about new authors! I saw the cover of your book on the profile picture and already I wanna know more!!! Congrats on all the success and I hope more is coming your way! I do hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi!

  3. Thanks guys! BTW- Jen, I'm now following your blog. Thanks for the drive-by. Hope to see you again!

  4. Congratulations! I am wrapping up work on my second book and hoping to get it out after this weekend. I have been trying to get CreateSpace to cooperate too so I can have a hardcopy and anyone else can too, but it's a serious pain in the backside.

    One thing that strikes me about your work is that your covers look great. Do you do them yourself or do you hire others?

    One More Day

  5. Nick,
    b sure to let us know when your next book is out. Yeah, createspace is a beast. I'm formatting for them right now, too. I feel your pain!!

    As for the covers, they are a combination between Mike Anderson @ hpthotshotz and Angeline and my hubby, depending on which one. My cover artist did Dirty Blood, but then we tweaked it.

  6. First time posting. Congrats on your novels. To bad about Amazon being slow on the uptake.

    Dirty Blood sounds like my kind of book, so I will definitely be downloading it to my kindle. Cheers and look forward to reading more posts.