Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming Soon... DreamKiller, The Waking Hour

Coming Soon, Book 2 in the Specials Series: DreamKiller, The Waking Hour. (A short story series) Click the link above for more info and Chapter One from The Longest Day (Book 1) available now on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  

Also coming soon: Gordy (A short story)


  1. I like these covers! Did your hubby do them for you?

    Wow, you have a bunch of stuff coming out! Congrats!

    Angeline Kace

  2. Yes, the hubby did them. Hidden talent, apparently, because he did great! DK2 is going to be a quick write because it's short. And Gordy is one I've had on the shelf for awhile. It's out of my normal genre but ... well... I'm going to post about that tomorrow. =)

  3. It's good to stretch the writing legs a little!