Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can March come in like a lion, please?....

     I want to give you a sales update for February. Okay, well, no I don't WANT to, actually, because the numbers are kind of puny. But I committed to it when I started this blog and I'm going to keep my word - for now. And because it's still exciting, no matter how few copies I sell, because at least I'm published and I know my work is good, just unknown, which will eventually change. So here's what I ended with:

Across The Galaxy - 11 (incl B&N and AMAZ UK)
DreamKiller            - 5

     And to be honest, I'm pretty stoked about these numbers because I look at it like this: In January, pretty much all of the copies I sold were to people I knew and that were doing it to support me (and read it, too, don't get me wrong) but February I was all on my own. These 11 copies were ALL to people that I've never met and/or that were genuinely interested in reading my book. And all I can think is, it's probably not a whole lot less than I would've sold if I'd been paper published as a new no-name, first time author with no marketing by my publisher because my name isn't Janet Evonovich or Nora Roberts. So, I'll take it. And I can't wait to see what March does, since I'm still hoping to release Dirty Blood before the month is over.

Also- the 5 star review that Across the Galaxy received is now posted on Barnes and Noble. So exciting!


  1. Great attitude Heather. You're right, the numbers will pick up with your second book. Each book is definitely exponential in terms of sales and you never know what might just happen to connect with readers, whether its because of a cover they like or a title or whatever.


  2. That's excellent. You doubled your sales and then some. That is a good trend. My sales didn't start to double until I had been selling for almost a year. Until that point I was getting only a few per month. Then last year they took off for me.

  3. Awesome! Keep up the positive thinking. Want me to do an interview on you and your book for my blog? I'd be happy to. Sounds like a cool story!

  4. @gniz & @Bakari, thanks, your words of encouragement are appreciated!
    @PK Hrezo YES!! That would b awesome!

  5. Wow Heather! Your sales did double. Congrats to that!! Whoo-Hoo!!

    You make a good point in comparing the sales to what they might be even if published traditionally.

    I am super excited for Dirty Blood!

    Angeline Kace

  6. Congrats on the sales and especially on the 5-star review! I'm sure it will just get better. Someday you'll look back and smile at how stoked you were over 11 sales. :)

  7. I just posted my sales for my first month, and like yours, my sales were mostly to people I knew. Congrats on the five-star review.

  8. Fabulous attitude Heather. And yes, that "monster" you mentioned attacks me a lot as well sometimes, but it's important to remember what you said. Have confidence in your ability and remember that being "unknown" is the hardest part at first. My book came out March 1st and I'm in the same "trying to get noticed" boat, so I definitely can relate. Definitely trying to distribute to more places so more eyes can see it. Good luck with your tasks, and love the blog.

  9. @Cindi- thanks! for blogs/reviewer sites to hit up, look at my post on that. Those are all ppl willing to review or feature you, just email them and ask. What's your book about?