Sunday, January 4, 2015

Where you'll find me in 2015

My husband called me a globetrotter last time I flew home from Guam.

I gotta admit, my personal life, travel schedule, and living arrangements are pretty damn exciting these days. I mean, most friends start out the conversation with "and where exactly are you now? What continent, I mean."

I do not take any of this for granted. I get to live a lifestyle I once only dreamed of. I live in 2 places at once. I travel for pleasure multiple times a year. I ride motorcycles. And that was just 2014. I'm always going someplace new. I agree, makes it hard to find me.

But in 2015, it might get even harder.

Facebook used to be my krytoponite. If I was supposed to be writing, I was on Facebook. If I was in Guam or on an airplane or in my living room in PJs, chances are, I was on Facebook.

But now Facebook isn't being so friendly to all the time I've invested into our little relationship. They're changing the rules and our partnership feels a little one-sided, I gotta say. All these changes are a bummer because since publishing in 2011, I have connected with the majority of my fans through social media, namely the BookFace.

And I hate the thought of reaching less and less of you and talking with or reading about what's going on or where I can find YOU in 2015. As a result of that (not to mention a pretty hectic writing schedule for 2015), I am changing it up. And I'm giving you all a HEFTY reason to remember that where you'll find me going forward is probably changing.

For those of you that want to hear more about my REAL LIFE travels, my characters' travels, new releases, and generally what makes True Love More Than Just a Fantasy for moi, you really should sign up for my Love Birds inbox list. Like, really.

You'll get stuff  like FIRST LOOKS at new covers and releases, special promotions ONLY for Love Birds, and all the goings-on of a Where's Waldo sort of I SPY game that has become my life.

Another reason I want to address this and tell you where to find me:

I recently read some stuff on FB that authors aren't as "interactive as they used to be" with their fans, bloggers, etc. According to this chic, we used to goof off and shoot the breeze with readers more often than we do now. But here's the thing, I think that's wrong. I think we're more than willing to hang with you--we just aren't SEEING YOU around anymore. Not your fault. Not ours. The reach and landscape of social media is altered and you're feeling the consequences. We are more and more invisible.

This fact really bums me out because READERS are WHY I do what I do. Hence the "social" in the media!

2015 is shaping up to look very exciting, but also very NEW. I won't be in any of the old haunts or at least not as often. So please don't lost touch! I still want to hang with you, I'm just finding new ways to do it.

For where I AM hanging out, here's a cheat sheet:

1. My newsletter. THIS is the #1 way you can hear what's up & stay connected. This is where I run giveaways. This is where I tell you FIRST what's new. And you can REPLY and we can chat! woohoo! Emails are numero uno.

2. Instagram. I kind of love posting pictures. I'm trying to post more bookish stuff but mostly it's my personal travel whereabouts and real life adventures.

3. Twitter  I'm there, I swear. Much more than I used to be. Find me: @HeatherHildenbr and say what's up. I will definitely reply and we will chat about any random thing you want. Matt Lanter's eye color, Damon's favorite brand of ketchup. Whatever.

And because this is important: a giveaway!!!

Here's the deal, sign up for my newsletter here OR fill in your info on the top right of this site and on Jan 15 I will pick 3 winners (newsletter subscribers) to receive a signed copy of Dirty Blood!

Good luck and share the contest. The more the merrier when it comes to Heather's Love Birds!


  1. When is the 5th book in the Dirty Blood series coming out, I can't wait!!!

  2. Please tell us when the 5th book is coming out!