Thursday, December 11, 2014

Teaser Time! 7 lines from a secret YA project

Every month, I do a teaser of 7 lines from one of my books--released or not--called the Seven 11 Blog hop. You get to read words from me from whatever I'm working on AND I can link to some other awesome authors for you to check out in the meantime!

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This month, I'm doing seven lines from a secret upper YA project I can't actually tell you about yet. But I'm so excited for it, I need to share! Here we go...

The only great thing about getting up at four a.m.—Well, there’s really nothing great about getting up at four am. Linda says it’s nice because we beat the traffic. I sometimes don’t mind rush hour if it means I get to doze in the backseat for a few extra minutes.
Not today, it seems. We’re on a tight schedule. Not a rush job. I’ve done those. They suck. Barely enough time to get the makeup in place before they’re shoving you onto a plane with nothing more than a sticky note of the important pieces and major players. No escape route, no briefing on emergency protocol. No ear comm. Just a burner phone and a hope and a prayer.


That's it for now but I'd love to hear your feedback! Leave your comments below and keep scrolling for more awesome lines AND chances to win goodies. Happy Seven 11!

Other awesome authors to scope out:

Shawn McGuire. Young Adult
Kayla Smith. YA Paranormal.
Bethany Lopez, New Adult Romance.
Justine Winter. New Adult Paranormal 
Amanda Aksel. Chick Lit

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