Sunday, January 11, 2015

Teaser Time: Seven 11 Blog hop is back!

It's time for the monthly Seven 11 blog hop!
If you don't already know what the Seven 11 blog hop is, it's this:

A monthly hop (on the 11th of every month, silly) where i share 7 lines to tease you from a wip or whatever I basically feel like. You're welcome. 

This month, it's Deviation (released Dec 30, 2014). 

Some of you may be experiencing de ja vu right now. It's cool, me too. Deviation was originally released by yours truly as a self-published title in March of 2014 but then right around that same moment in time, I signed the series to Alloy Entertainment (CW anyone?) and now it has a new home and therefore IS A NEW CREATURE!

I rewrote this entire story from beginning to end. So if you think you know about Deviation during March-July 2014 (these are the months the old version was available), you probably aren't correct. TO jog your memory (or introduce you), here are the 7 opening lines to the story.

I have always been two people at once. Today is no different.

I am Raven Rogen and, especially when they’re not watching, I’m also Ven. Sometimes, my identities separate into two sets of habits, two sets of desires, two sets of miseries. But then, on days like today, they collide and I am both at once.

In this moment, though, I am mostly apprehension. My palms are clammy but I don’t wipe them, fearing the three guards standing sentinel will notice my discomfort. The walls in the room are gray concrete slabs lit by a single incandescent bulb. 

To further jog your memory, for my Love Birds that have been around for a while. This is the previous cover, circa March 2014:

And THIS is the new cover:

Alloy's art design dept is kind of badass.

And if you haven't read book 1 (Imitation), you should 1-click that one first since it's on sale now through Jan 25.

Now, on to the goodies!!


A few days ago, I posted an annoucement about social media changes coming in 2015. Here it is in case you missed it:

It's become increasingly hard to reach and interact with new readers and friends here on FB and other social media outlets. Because of that, I'm making some changes to where I hang out in 2015.
The bottom line is that the EASIEST and most effective way for me to reach you is through my Love Birds newsletter. I don't want any more missing posts or not staying connected and I want you all to get the most from seeing new projects I have coming. As an incentive for you (& a THANK YOU), I am running a contest for subscribers to win signed books!
If you're signed up for already, you're entered! If not, sign up before Jan 15 (***NOW EXTENDED TO JAN 20) and I will pick 3 newsletter subscribers to win a signed paperback of Dirty Blood!

Basically, the bottom line is that you really oughtta be a Love Bird (<-- my newsletter groupies) and get me in your inbox. You can sign up here. I'll pick a winner later this month.

And finally, the HOP. This is a hop, remember? Which means there are a slew of other word-ninjas that you need to check out when you leave this page. And they are:

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Now, go discover your next favorite author!

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