Friday, November 7, 2014

5 bloggers you should be friends with ... and my life in pictures.

It's Fun Friday on the blog! 

This week, the YA Storytellers and I want to share some blogger love. It's a whole month of focusing on being thankful and as an author, I am the MOST thankful for bloggers.
And my eyesight.
And typing hands.
And my weirdo brain that tells me things.
And my computer.
Okay, I'll stop.

Anyway, I want to share some blogger faves of mine with you. If you're an author, you should work with them. If you're a reader, you should peruse their blogs and reviews. And if you're a random person who is not a stalker, you should make friends with them. So, here's a list of just a few of the spectacular homies I call blogger buds, in no particular order.

Oh, and I have pics of my life at the bottom. So that you can say you're totally informed. Read on!

1. Kez's Korner is a really fun blogger that I found when she reviews A Risk Worth Taking for me a while back. She needs some FB love and she is always talking about books and authors I totally love! Our reading tastes are so similar.

To give her FB page a like, click here.

2. Shana Benedict from A Book Vacation. I. Fracking. Love. Her. Guts.
First, she's been there for me since the beginning. Whisper wouldn't be published if it weren't for her insisting I go through with it despite the throw-up threatening.... yeah, it was a rough day. And she's the manager of Heather's Hotshots now (my blogger street team) and words can't even express how grateful I am for her. She does so much for me and a ton of other authors and she does it beacuse she loves it. I have ridiculous love for this girl. And her reviews and literary opinions are so smart! You need to read her blog. Regularly.

Click here to find her on FB.

She also has the BEST Halloween costumes ever.
(UtopYA 2014)

3. Natalie @ Book Lover's Life is another. She is always there for me, always. And that makes her a Hotshot. Also, she is actually a Hotshot, a member of my street team and you can read all about her awesomeness as it relates to our group AND her as a human person. She rocks. Check her out.

4. Jackie @ Sated Faery. 
First, she lives in my city. Second, she's heading up the Moonshine Holiday Gift Exchange. That alone makes her my kinda girl. aka A Badass. Beyond that, she is ALWAYS there for me and other author in promoting and reading and reviewing in between her full life. I love her for all that.

5. Last but NOT LEAST, my stalker. (Don't worry, she's official, so it's not weird.) Maghon from Happy Tails and Tales. She's another that's been with me since the beginning. Yeah, I like longevity. What girl doesn't? Anyway, Maghon is awesome on the blog about gushing over my books AND she's awesome in real life. She has about three million dogs and she's even written reviews from their POV. Hilarious. You should look them up. 

And last year, I got to spend a weekend in her city and hang with her where I tried Gator Bites for the first time. (tastes like chicken, okay not really.) I had a blast in Orleans with you, Maghon! Can't wait to go back!

October 2013 in New Orleans!

I'm stopping at 5 because otherwise, I would feel compelled to Energizer Bunny it and keep going and going and going and ... Yeah. So that's it for today for bloggers I adore. 

Oh, but I promised you pictures of my life. Right. So, here's what I've been up to since the end of summer in a picture story. 

writing and editing Deviation, the COMPLETELY NEW version coming to you 12/30. You can pre-order here! This one's going to leave you going "Whaaaa?"

Rode a Segway through SanFran. Rocked it. Mall Cop style.

Saw the Redwoods in California for the first time ever
#dream #fulfilled

Went home to Virginia for 2 weeks and hung out with my minions and took some quiet walks with the new husband in Williamsburg.

Yep, got married.
Beautiful setting! 

And now I'm back in Guam for a couple more weeks before heading home for the holidays. 

My life. In pictures. 
You're welcome. 

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