Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop: Imitation deleted scene teaser

It's time!
The monthly Seven 11 Blog Hop!
Where I share seven lines from a wip or new release to tease ya AND you get a link to a bunch of other awesome authors to check out.

This month, I'm sharing seven lines from Imitation, from a scene that got cut from the newly published version which re-released July 29 from Alloy Entertainment. 

If you didn't read that story, you should click here. It's a fun one!

Okay, on to the deleted stuff. Here goes:

Raven Rogen is the shallowest Authentic I’ve ever seen. 
She graduated from an elite private school months ago and is taking a gap year before college to do “charity work,” which mostly consists of buying tickets to fashion shows and galas for good causes. She doesn’t seem to be making her way in the world so much as following a golden path someone—her father?—has laid out for her. Josephine has never shown me Raven’s family, but I know her father is well-off, involved in politics and nonprofits, and he expects her to be the face of the family.
She’s never mentioned a mother.

And, if you haven't heard, book 2 will be out Dec 30 but you can pre-order yours now right here.

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Happy Teaser-Reading!

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  1. So I just finished book 2 Deviation and I must know if there is another book in the works!?! Or is this THE END!?!