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My Top 10 Favorite Villains Ever AND a teaser!

So, Fun Friday is a monthly blog shenanigan I do with my YA author buds over at The Society of YA Storytellers and since I was ALSO in on this blog hop on 10/11 for Seven Eleven, I decided to combine them.

Which makes me a day late (but NOT a dollar short) on my Fun Friday post AND it means you're getting two bits of magic in one shot. You're welcome.

First, my TOP 10 LIST (of which we could choose any topic) is below. I did my Top 10 Best Villains Evaaaa. Even though I don't like scary  movies. So, this is definitely the wussy list of best villains. Deal with it. Here we go.

1. Regina from Once Upon A Time. Hands down, she's the best. We hate her. We love her. Then we hated to love her. And now... I love her so much that I don't even care who gets in the way of her happy ending right now! You made me FEEL FOR the villain even more than the mc/hero??? You're a genius, ABC. Genius. #TeamReginaForever

2. The Beast from the Sandlot. Best villain because he wasn't really #spoiler and because he also became the hero in the end. That's pretty epic. And I have so much love for this movie. I can't let it slip by without pointing out how "scary" the Beast was for all involved. Until he wasn't.

3. Ursula from the Little Mermaid. When I was a kid, she was ultimate. I mean, her tentacles and her hairdo were both equally creepy. One couldn't have won out over the other in a creep-contest, for real. And then she stole Ariel's voice??? (another spoiler, sorry!) Genius. I need my villains smart and she is definitely a lady who thinks on her feet. arms? tentacles? whatever.

4. Megatron from Transformers. I'm probably only picking him because I love the Transformers movies so much but really, if it comes down to pounds per inch, he's going to kick your tiny human tail. And he just KEEPS COMING BACK. (Crap, another spoiler.)

5. Jafar from Aladdin. MUSTACHE twirler!!!! HELLooooo. That was your first clue he is BaaaaaD.

6. The Nothing from the Neverending Story. Nothing is pretty scary. I mean really, really scary. For me. Nothing sounds like the worst.

7. The Wicked Witch of the EAST. Okay, well both witches are pretty villainous. Or maybe it depends on which version of the movies you've seen BUT I saw Oz and the East Witch was realllly nefarious. The West witch was just sensitive and got her heart broken. SPPOILLLLERRR!

8. The Joker from Batman. Mostly Heath Ledger's version. He was scary and I don't even have a fear of clowns but there was something very convincingly disturbing about his brand of crazy. 

9.  Darth Vader. That mouth-breathing is cree-py. Plus the fact that he's willing to sacrifice his body and his kids for his cause. That's true villainous commitment right there.

10. Lokiiiiii!!! 
'nuff said.
I mean, if you don't know who that is, we can't be friends.

I would looove to know what you think! Who is your favorite villain? Especially for those of you who don't like truly scary movies. Hit me in the comments. 

And now the TEASER I promised. I'm doing Blood Rule, book 4 in my Dirty Blood series which is available now and if you aren't caught up on the whole series, you can get the Boxed Set books 1-4 for just 2.99 until 10/15!

Steppe’s voice brought me back. Hands roamed over me, looking for purchase, and then I was half lifted, half dragged onto some sort of flat surface. There was some jostling as I was lifted into the air and then I steadied as they carried me in the opposite direction as the door I’d seen Wes leave through.
I craned my neck, trying to catch a glimpse through the crowd, some opening or hint of rescue. It couldn’t end like this. Wes arrested. Steppe winning.
    I tried searching for Emma or even George, but there was nothing. My mind was empty of any awareness except the pain.

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