Friday, October 14, 2011

word burn out

I'm supposed to be blogging right now. But even though you're reading this, it's not really a blog. I mean, there isn't going to be much of importance said here. Trust me. Because the thing is, I feel kind of burnt out on words. Sure, they come in handy to get a point across or relieve road rage, but right now, I feel like words are a little overrated. I finished the first round of edits on Cold Blood today, kissed it goodbye, and sent it off to the betas. And by the time I hit 'save' and exit one last time, all of my words were starting to blur together. I think I need a break from words.

But I haven't reached out and said hello to my three loyal readers so here I sit, typing something that will most certainly NOT be anything that qualifies as a real blog post. And you're reading it, so I'm not sure who the joke's on.

Alright, since I'm immersed in everything Cold Blood and have just now come up for air, I'm way behind on anything fun to talk about. I know about Cher making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars (only because its my husband's favorite show - don't tell him I told you!!) where she somehow still looked 35 and I know Footloose just came out and I am excited to see it bc I have a girl-crush on Julianna Hough.
Ken Wormwald Julianne Hough Footloose - H 2011

And if you want something literary, I just read a sneak peek of Destined, the new House of Night book by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Its out on 10/25 I think and if you haven't read this series you should, because its fun and very true to a teenage voice and has laugh-out-loud dialogue. I'm excited for it.

But those are really the only fun things I know of going on in the world. Oh - and yes, I heard about the pregnant lady who ran the marathon last weekend and then stopped for lunch, and then went to the hospital and had a baby - all in the same day. Geez, she's giving all of us prego's a good name, and I don't appreciate it. We are NOT all capable of that, okay? I mean, running is phsyically impossible for me right now. I know. I tried. My son ate it on his bike a couple of days ago and do you think I was able to rush out and comfort him in the middle of the street? Um, no. His wounds had all healed by the time I got there. 

So, if anyone else has anything fun or newsworthy to add, feel free. Catch me up on anything I missed. And lend me some words.


  1. Im sure you are totally slammed. Good luck with your book :)

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to read your book and I'm sure your son still loves you! I'm not preggers and still couldn't do it too!

  3. I keep checking your blog to see when the next book will come out. Keep up the good work!