Saturday, October 22, 2011

Official Release Date ... and a sneek peek!

For those of you who keep checking back for more information on Cold Blood's release... this one's for you....

The release date has been set for November 22!!!

Yay- I am so excited! I can't wait for everyone to read this one so I can FINALLY talk to you about these new characters- whom you will love!

Also, in the meantime, there is a portion of chapter one posted on All Things Books right now, so go there and read it. Thanks, Tanya, for posting. =) It is still a rough draft copy, though, so bear that in mind. You may see a slightly different version in the finished product, but it was ready enough and I wanted to share something. I hope you love it. I think you will, especially if you have a soft spot for George.

Also, I've posted the information for Cold Blood on Goodreads so if you want to add it to your 'to-read' list, you can do so here.

When we get closer to release date, I will share the information about the spectacular and revealing blog tour I am putting together. You will NOT want to miss it.


  1. cool, first time I'm hearing about the series, but it's on my list now. nice to meet you!

  2. *sigh* My dang to read list is so long. I downloaded Dirty Blood but haven't have a chance to read it yet. Ugh

  3. Rhiannon, so glad to hear it and thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you, too.

    Donna, I know what you mean. My TBR list is just as bad. I'm hoping I can catch up once I get Cold Blood published.