Monday, January 3, 2011


     Its a new year! 2011. And the big talk everywhere is all about your resolutions and what you plan to do with yourself. I am not usually big into resolutions but I've decided to go for one this year. I've decided once and for all to publish my novel, Across the Galaxy, as an ebook. I've gone back and forth with the possibility for a few months now and had basically decided to try and query it first with traditional publishing companies and agents. I've been doing that for about a month now and I've gotten a request for a partial but nothing beyond that. And to be honest, I dont think I will either. Not because my book isn't good but because that's how the industry is right now. I've never been published before and I don't have a quirky little hook to lead with that makes me stand out from the rest, as a person. And especially because of how saturated and competetive the YA market is right now... well, I can only imagine the money I'm losing NOW to wait and get published LATER.

     Then I read JA Konrath's blog, which I follow like a kool-aid drinking zealot and he wrote what he always does- some form of  "e-pubbing is where its at" kind of article. Only, this time it got to me. Really, really got to me. And something clicked and I decided to stop waiting around and sitting on my hands and be like Nike... Just Do It. So real quick- before I could change my mind, I contacted a photographer I'd met last summer about doing the cover art and worked out pricing. And I've read up on how to format everything for Amazon's site, and trying to figure out if I can format it myself or if I should pay someone, and all in all am very impatient now that the decision's been made. Is anyone else that way? You'll drag a decision out as long as possible and when you've finally made it, you can't wait to put it into action. I'm that way, as you'll see soon. Because I say the book will launch sometime in February, when really, if I can manage it- it will go up sometime before the end of the month, in the middle of the night.

     Either way, you'll be the first to know.


  1. Awesome!! I'm linking to your blog right now as we speak!


  2. Yay! I was just commenting in your last post that I wanted you to publish the book now so I could read it! Congrats on the decision!

  3. Unfortunately, the world of literature IS a dog-eat dog world. I too received a lot of rejection letters, and was starting to get discouraged. Then, one day by luck, I found my current publisher, Otherworld. They are a new, small press traditional publisher. I did my home work on them, and decided, what the heck? I know in the traditional market, they say you need an agent, but I must have queried at least 20 agents and got rejected by every single one of them, so I know what you went through. So, I went straight to Otherworld, and within two weeks I was offered a contract for my novel, The World Among Us, a YA fantasy novel.

    Now, I was previously offered contracts to self publish my work, but unfortunately, I just don't have the money, and am being supported by my parents as I am currently unemployed. You could imagine my excitement when I got the contract from otherworld. Mom and I had an attorney review the contract, and since there were no issues with it, it jumped at the chance!

    I am glad to see that you're not letting anyone spoil your dream of becoming an author. Self publishing and Indie publishing are very popular right now, and I have no doubts that you will go far :)

  4. I will have to check into Otherworld. Right now, I seem to be on a 'one a day' schedule with rejections from all the agents I've queried. boo!