Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A round of liquid courage for my fellow writers!

     I finally finished editing my YA novel, Across the Galaxy, on December 2nd, but then my sister came to town and we had what we called an "extravaganza" weekend. So I took a few days off, and then a few days more, to recuperate from the extravaganza. Then, last week, I got down to business and spent the better half of the week sweating and fretting over my query letter for Across the Galaxy.

     What is it about? How's this:
     Most teenage girls struggle with teenaged problems. Like what to wear to homecoming and did I shave my legs before gym class? Seventeen year old Alina has all of those problems and a whole lot more. The list does tend to get longer when you're an alien. An alien empress, to be exact.

     That's the opening paragraph of my pitch, or query letter. Anyway, Friday and Saturday afternoons were both spent researching agents and then lastly - sending out my query letter!!!

     Yup. That's right. I did it. Even though my knees were knocking together so hard, it left bruises. (Side note: Saturday I had a couple glasses of wine, a.k.a liquid bravery, and it kept my knees still long enough to hit 'send' without any more seizure-like mishaps.)

     So now it's out there, and I can't take it back. And so far, I've gotten a handful of responses that all say "Thanks for the look, but this isn't right for me right now"... And I'm taking their words exactly the way they've written them. Which means, I just need to find an agent that is looking for a great new breakout YA Fantasy and I'll be in there like swimwear.

     In the meantime, I got an email back from an editor on my short story, DreamKiller, who said it was a 'close call' whether or not to choose my story. In the end, they passed, but that one line of hope was all I needed to light a new fire, and since last night, I'm 5000 words into a new short story. I will finish it today or tomorrow and polish it by the end of the week, and then fire it right back to that same editor, who ended his email by saying "feel free to send us anything else you have". Let's see if he was shootin' straight or blowin' smoke.

     Mostly, though, that "close call" comment was validation. Validation that it wasn't total crap. Now, the egocentric in me knows my writing is great, maybe even genius some days. But the realist in me isn't so sure. Which is exactly what has held me back from e-publishing my novel - or short story for that matter. So who knows? A few more cuddly comments like these, a couple more courage-wine blends, and maybe I'll feel froggy enough to take the leap anyway.

     Until then, we'll leave well enough alone, and let the queries land where they may. Here's to "close calls"...


  1. Heather,

    I found you over at Aaron Niz's blog! I think your YA book sounds very interesting and I would like to read it. Are you going to self publish, or wait for a publisher (please say self publish, because I want to read it!)? I've set your blog as one to follow.


  2. melissa,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I JUST decided to e-pub but am waiting on my cover artist. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the month. I guess you could say I am getting a head start on marketing now and putting the word out. I just linked to you, too. Our blogs are kind of similar and I'm excited to be able to compare with another new author =)

  3. Heather,
    Yes, I am excited your book will be out soon! I hear ya getting the word out. I am still writing my book and think I will be more successful when my book does come out to get the word out now and network with other indie authors. You guys have all been very helpful, so I am glad that I have done it. Keep me posted on your book!