Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now Available on Amazon!

     Hello to all! I am happy to announce that my cover was completed yesterday and my novel, Across the Galaxy, is now available on Amazon for $2.99! The cover artist is Mike Anderson and he did such an amazing job. I will get a link posted soon that you can use to browse his site and/or contact him about your own cover art. His rates are VERY reasonable and he's very talented. Also, thanks to my cousin Krystle for posing as my model. She looks incredible! And very 'Alina-like'.

     Now I have to be honest and tell you that words can't even begin to describe how truly excited I am to have the book up there. I keep walking around my house and exclaiming "Ohmygosh!" at random moments. Seriously, my husband just shakes his head and chuckles. And I've definitely roller-coastered back and forth a few times already between being insanely ecstatic and utterly terrified. It's sort of exhausting so I'm trying to focus on the excitement, but when I think about someone I KNOW reading this book, it really scares me. Strangers are no problem. Go figure.

     Also- I have a new cover for DreamKiller, which should be up by the end of today or tomorrow. Its equally amazing and shot by the same cover artist. I would love to get some feedback on my covers so please let me know what you think.

     I am in the process of trying to get the novel available on Amazon's CreateSpace, where you will be able to purchase a paperback copy. Due to the price of printing it, however, it will probably be around $15. I am not making any money on that price, so I wanted everyone to know that up front. I would love to price it under $10 but Amazon requires a minimum amount to pay for the printing cost, and because my novel is slightly long (haha okay alot long- its 360 pages), they require that I charge at least $14.70 per book. So I'm not trying to rip off friends and family, and hopefully I'll find a way to discount it somehow.

     So- lot's going on and I will keep you posted about it all as it happens. For now, back to work!


  1. Just downloaded it to my kindle about a minute ago! Congratulations!!!! Awesome cover, well done. Can't wait to read it, this is just the beginning.


  2. thanks so much! Your blog is def an inspiration. i want to be just as forthcoming about numbers and sales, etc. and help others do the same thing we've done. It's a pretty great feeling. I hear a celebratory beer calling my name!

  3. I started reading it and its really good so far, I'm impressed! Have that beer, you deserve it.


  4. Wow Heather! Congratulations! This is very exciting! I really like the cover too! It really looks great!

    Yes, please do keep us posted on your numbers. How in the world does Amanda Hocking sell her books through CreateSpace for $8.99? All of her books are like 320 pages.

    Again, Congrats!

    Angeline Kace

  5. Angeline- i am so glad you told me that. One of the things on my very long 'to-do' list is to check into how much other's books are priced for, especially the longer ones. So I will have to look into it. Maybe I can contact her and ask her. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.. I'll try to find out and post the results.