Saturday, July 11, 2015

Seven 11 Hop: A teaser from my upcoming release and a clean glass of water

It's that time again. The monthly Seven 11 Blog Hop is a teaser event where some awesome author peeps get together and tease you ... (with their fiction-writing, DUH!)

This month is a special one because it's also one of my BFF's and author friends, Amanda Aksel's birthday! (you can check out her books and Seven 11 teaser here.)

Also, she's kind of freaking out about being the dirty thirty. So, Amanda, this is for you:

And in honor of her freak-out, she's asked you NOT give presents. Take your money and give it all to CharityWater, instead, a charity committed to providing clean water to countries and people without. You can donate here to offer up someone thirsty a clean glass of water.

And now, my teaser! And because I couldn't help myself, it's a little longer than 7 lines. I am really bad at following directions...

“Dad, what’s going on?” Regan asked.
“We’re getting ready for a wedding,” he said, the words so matter-of-fact, I was surprised Regan didn’t already know. It felt like everyone knew what was going on but me.
“It looks like a pretty big deal,” I said. “Who’s going to be married?”
“You are,” he said. And then, turning to Regan, added, “Or maybe it will be you.”
I felt all the blood rush out of my head. The world spun around me, and I had to grab one of the benches to stay standing. “Excuse me? I’m … You’re joking. This is a joke, right?”
Regan was pale and deathly silent beside me.
“Not a joke,” he corrected. “Rather a pledge. Tonight, we are hosting an engagement party for the impending marriage of the next alpha. Whichever of my daughters that turns out to be.”
My half-sister stiffened behind him. Her eyes went round and her nostrils flared.
“That doesn’t make any sense,” I protested.
“It makes too much sense, and there’s the logic in it that can’t be overlooked, unfortunately. No matter our...feelings,” he said with a pointed look at Regan that sent a ripple of dread through me.
“Dad, what did you do?” Regan asked.
“It’s time for both of you to learn about the treaty,” Dad said. “Sit down.”
I did what he told me to, but not because I wanted to be obedient. I just didn’t have any other choice. My legs wouldn’t hold me up anymore. Regan didn’t budge, but she was breathing hard, and I guessed she hadn’t known any more about the marriage thing than I did.
Marriage? Was he crazy? Had living out here in isolation amongst only werewolves rotted his brain? 

(Bitteroot, a YA PNR novella series coming this Fall)

And before you go, show Amanda some birthday lurve and enter to win an ebook copy of her book!

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