Saturday, April 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop for April

Hi from Roanoke, VA! 

I'm here for the weekend signing books and staying up late chatting about book boyfriends and all the fun "fiction gossip" that goes with getting to hang out with My People. 

Monday, I fly out for Guam, and I Can't. Wait. For. Hot. (I meant the weather, not the husband. Okay, yes, I did. I meant both.) So next week I'll probably be a little absent as I adjust through the jet lag, etc. and get settled in my house there. and then Pictures!

This winter fellllt loooong. Pretty sure I left my house only on a Must-Survive basis. Same goes for real pants. But I did write three books during that time. 

More news on what's coming next very soon!

In the meantime, a throwback for this month's Seven 11 Blog Hop! 

7 lines from Dirty Blood, the book that started it all, really. 

Enjoy and then click through to some other awesome authors!

His eyes were the same exact color as his hair, a sort of bronzed brown, and they seemed to hold some dark edge that hinted at danger, no matter how gentle they got. The rest of him wasn’t bad, either. His face matched his eyes, rugged and hard edges from his cheekbones to his jaw. When he’d spun me around, I’d grabbed out to steady myself and even now my hands still rested on his shoulders, where I’d first gripped. Underneath my fingers, and the leather of his jacket, was solid muscle. The fact that I was actually checking him out—just moments after killing a girl—was my first clue I was in shock.

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Amanda Aksel - 7 lines from her new secret project I can't WAIT to read!
Steph Nuss - not YA-appropriate but GREAT adult reads!

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