Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop: Dirty Blood Teaser

TGIF people! 
This week, we are kicking off a monthly event called the Seven 11 Blog hop. Each month on the 11th, I will post a teaser of SEVEN lines from one of my books -- some published, some not -- for you guys to get a sneak peek at. This month, I gave you 7 lines from Dirty Blood. For those that haven't read it or want to re-read the series before book 5 comes out, here's a reminder of the George-Wes tension.

George shot a glance at Wes again and then stepped over and planted a very deliberate kiss on my cheek. “I’ll see you, Tay,” he said and headed to his car. I watched him go, wondering whose benefit the kiss had been for: mine or Wes’s.
I waited until George had driven off before whirling at Wes. “What was that?” I hissed.
His eyes were sparkling. “What was what?”
“You were baiting him.”
He shrugged. “I don’t like him very much.”

This month, we are offering a giveaway of The Man Test by Amanda Aksel (Sex & the City meets Hitch!). Enter to win and click through to read seven great lines from seven other authors!

Bethany Lopez
Nikki Jefford
Justine Winter
Alicia Sheehy
SM Boyce
Shawn McGuire
Amanda Aksel And be sure to wish Amanda a very Happy Birthday and Thanks for putting this event together!

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  1. Yay! Great tease. I'm loving reading everyone's posts!

  2. Love! I've been meaning to read Dirty Blood since I downloaded it to my Kindle at the beginning of 2012 and now I know I just gotta dive in already! xoxo

  3. Ha, nice! Got to love conflict, especially when set up so quickly.

  4. Gah! This just makes me want to read the series again! Love Wes!

  5. Tension indeed! Really nice. Definitely want to check this out! :)