Friday, July 4, 2014

Fireworks: an excerpt from the NEW Whisper!

It's Fun Friday with the YA Society of Storytellers! And this week, for the 4th of July celebration, our topic is FIREWORKS! Which means, we are posting explosive excerpts from one of our books. 
You can read other fiery excerpts from YA storytellers, Laura Elliot here and Christy Sloat here.

I chose a WIP to share, a scene from Whisper, which I am busy getting ready for its re-release as a New Adult coming in August!!
It's getting a new cover and new, exclusive content and I CAN'T WAIT to share it with you!!
Here's a sneak peek, FIREWORKS-style, of what's coming ...

“I can’t move forward without you.”
The words were out before I could stop them.
I hadn’t meant to sound so desperate, but it was too late to take it back. Tears threatened. I blinked, trying to stop them before they started. Despite my best attempt, a burning tear traced its way down my cheek.
Dylan took a step toward me. His fingers brushed my hand and curled around to squeeze my palm. I twisted my fingers so they interlocked with his and squeezed back.
The corner of his mouth curved up in a half-smile. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. His hand lingered there, near my cheek, so light he barely touched me.
If there was ever a moment so sweet, so brimming with life that I knew I’d never forget it, this was it. Our breath hung on the air. There was a collective pause that seemed to include not only the house but the entire universe. As if every existing thing hung in the balance under the weight of our joined gaze. Even the tear I’d shed was frozen to my face, unmoving while it waited.
Finally, as if in slow motion, Dylan leaned in and very gently brushed his lips over mine. Tentative at first, and then firmer. Confident. A question being asked and answered all at once.
In answer to the relief, the sweetness, the joy that reverberated into my bones, another tear escaped and slid down my cheek. Dylan reached up and caught it with his thumb and wiped it away, all without breaking the connection of our lips. His thumb trailed down my cheek, his fingers brushing across my shoulders and arms before circling my waist and pulling me in.
Our mouths moved together in a tandem dance that left me breathless and aching.
All I could think about was this moment, his kiss. And how I’d never imagined it would be possible to feel this alive for anything again.
It was a sweet mixing of grief and joy, and it felt amazing and exhilarating and exactly right. A small noise escaped my throat, landing somewhere in his mouth.

Dylan shuddered against me. Then his lips stilled and his arms fell away. He wrenched himself back and stared at me, mouth frozen halfway open.
“What’s wrong?”

More coming in August!

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