Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Help Me Write Dirty Blood 5!

I am excited that today is today!!!!
WHY? Because today kicks off a new contest I'm running, just for all your Dirty Blood lovers out there! It's a fun, awesome, exciting, SUPER DUPER wacky contest!
I'm a fan of all those things.

Here's the deal:
YOU, the reader, are going to help me write Dirty Blood 5.
I have started working on it but I put it away again in favor of another, more pressing, project that, sadly, I can't share with you yet.
But as soon as I'm able, I will get back to it, promise!
In the meantime, you can help!

Below, you can enter via all the easy-peasy ways you're used to... OR you can submit your wacky, crazy, sexy, cool (#TLCreference #Sucha90sgirl) 1-LINER and the winner gets their line published in Dirty Blood 5!

Cool, right?!?! I think so.

This contest runs until 5/9/14 so put on your thinking caps and choose your words well. They may end up in print! Woot woot!

Good luck and happy writing, readers!

**If you haven't read Dirty Blood yet (do you live under a rock??? It has sexy werewolves, people!) you can visit some of the following blogs and check out their review stop for the series and get a clue as to just how crazy your 1-LINER can be!

Penny For Them on 4/30
A Novel Review on 5/1
Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock on 5/2
Doctors Notes on 5/5

And now get entered!

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