Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Announcements... and also, butter knives are dangerous

This post is all about letting you know. "Because the more you know.... the better." <--- That would be a cheesy line from a local TV station we had growing up. It was their signature whatever.


First, you need to know that I have a new book coming soon. Whisper will be out April 19th -ISH. Here's the cover, done by Char Adlesberger (genius!) on the right-hand side bar. --------->

What do you think? Gorgeous, right? She does good work. Okay so it will be out for Kindle and Nook for $2.99. I'm not sure how much the paperback will be. Hopefully around $11 like the others. I'll see what I can do. And if you click the cover picture on the right side of the blog, you can add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads.

Whisper is special to me because it came about as a much-needed journalling project after Tyler died. I think that is an entire blog post in itself that I will have to do another time. but there is ALOT of my emotional "Stuff" in there so the MC is a version of myself in a way. My sister is beta reading for me and she called and was like "whaaa? There's a lot of hints of us and our own childhood in this thing." Yeah, I know. Go with it.

And its a little different from my other titles thus far. There's reincarnation and possibly an immortal or two, and death is faced and conquered. As in my real life.

Oh and a hot Indian boy ;) #requiredingredient

I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of it.

Also, on the list of announcements, Across the Galaxy is FREE through Saturday for Kindle. Here's the linky:
ATG FREE  It's currently like #4 in Sci-Fi Adventure, with Bob Mayer's Atlantis and other uber-amazing stuff. Nice list to be on.

I've always been against the idea of offering my work for free because I know my work has value. Books take a long time to write. And its hard, its work, its frustrating and amazing and makes you want to gouge your eyes out one minute and weep at your own genius the next. THAT should not be free, in my opinion.

But I've been pretty overwhelmed of late. With all the love and support from readers and the lovely mail I get encouraging me about Tyler. And I wanted to give something back. So, this is my thank you for your support. If you've already read it, pass the link on to a friend who hasn't. But this is for you guys. Thanks. I love ya.

Also, Decended by Blood by Angelina Kace - a fellow Accendo Press author of mine - is FREE this weekend as well. its got the hottest vamp you've ever seen. Mirko. He's on my sidebar. You can look but you cannot touch. He's mine. I will cut you with a butterknife. (incidentally, that's something i ALWAYS say and then "Lo and behold" guess what I did to my OWN HAND yesterday? Embarrassing, totally.) So be sure to get that for Kindle while freedom rings. Linky here.

And lastly, and possibly most important, and definitely most interesting:

My friend/sensei/mentor/drinking buddy/lunch date/role model/husband's golf partner (I could go on but you get the idea) Warren Murphy, author of the The Destroyer series, Grandmaster, and my favorite book EVER, The Forever King, has just released a new book (he's come out of retirement AND hiding for this.)

It's called Savage Song and its a novella (25k words) and its AMAZING!!!

As a rule I do not usually review or recommend books, especially from the platform of my blog. but this. THIS. . . this is an exception of epic proportions. Here's the cover and synopsis:

She is the world's greatest entertainer;  in a few brief years, she has changed show business forever and tens of millions of people follow her every move.  Now it looks like someone is trying to end her career for good. She's not the kind to roll over and play dead for anybody.
Enter Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and Chiun, the Master of Sinanju and the world's greatest assassin...who has a warm spot in his heart for the singing star.  Killers, stand back.  You're messing with the wrong girl and you ain't seen nothing yet.

Available for your Kindle 3/23/12

Her name is Madam Googoo! sound familiar? haha. It's great! There's humor and a badass assasin and rock stars and guessing the intended identities of each "name changed to protect the innocent" was a lot of fun. So be sure to check it out. You'll be hooked! 

Also- there is a contest going on at their blog. They are giving away a Kindle Fire, so be sure to enter. Linky here. 


  1. Ok Heather! Now I have to know, when you say "hot Indian boy", do you mean India Indian or Native American indian? This is a must know because I need to know what I'm looking at when I get to his intro. Lol. We both know there's a difference. :-D Anyway, can't wait for the new book, and I'm going to head on over to Amazon and drop Mr. Murphy's books into my TBR. :-)

  2. Adriane- He's Native American. Cherokee, actually. But all will be explained. ;) You'll have to let me know what you think of Savage Song. I loved it!

  3. Oh, Heather. My dear, sweet, wonderful Heather you have just made me very happy. I don't even have a description and I can already see him. Hahahaha! And just so you know, I am thrilled by this considering I am half Native American myself. :-) I will be absolutely thrilled to let you know what I think of Savage Song, just as soon as I make it that far in my pile. :-)