Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giveaway winners

I love giveaways. Even cyber ones. It means everyone reading this is automatically excited already. I don't even have to do anything to snazz up this post to make it more interesting. You're already going to read it, looking to see who won. Easy for me. =P

I'm not going to draw it out and make you read a whole paragraph about what I watched on TV last night first, though it was tempting. I'm just going to give you your winners.

First prize goes to JEANNE!!!!

She will get a signed paperback of Dirty Blood, along with some cool bookmarks - one from me and one from Angeline Kace for Descended by Blood.

Thanks for entering, Jeanne, and I am so excited to have you as a new follower.

Second prize goes to Andrea (at The Bookish Babes). One of my awesome blogger friends. She will get the bookmark swag pack that includes a signed Dirty Blood bookmark, Descended by Blood bookmark signed by Angeline Kace, and the specially designed metal charm bookmark, made exclusively for Dirty Blood.

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you ladies!!!!

And thank you to everyone else who entered. There were well over 100 entries! I gained a lot of new followers on Twitter and Facebook and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. Thanks for entering and following. Feel free to drop me an email or comment anytime. And I always love to hear what you liked/didn't like about my books - or any book, for that matter. =)

Now that the excitement has been spread around, it's back to revisions for me. I am working hard at getting Cold Blood ready for you guys by Thanksgiving so I need to get back to it. This one's going to rock! I'll blog again when I come up for air.

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