Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some things worthy of mentioning... and other stuff

This week has been miserable and wonderful all at once.

Miserable because I've been ill <--- perfect word for the all around nastiness I feel which kept me on the couch for most of the week. Boo!!

But wonderful because of all the nice things people are saying about Dirty Blood. Katrina over at Page Flipperz has the most recent review, I think, which was not only a super awesome review, but ALSO got her entered into my Race to Reviews giveaway. =)

Speaking of.. Let's update those numbers, shall we?

Across the Galaxy reviews/entries  - 6
Dirty Blood reviews/entries - 5

*Don't forget: if you 'tag' either book on Amazon, you get an entry for that too, but you MUST email me with what tags you used so I know to enter you for it.

Oh and another thing that must be said: Congratulations to A Book Vacation for winning the Dirty Blood giveaway this week over at the Bookish Babes. Enjoy ;)

Whew. Okay I'm actually sort of tired of talking about myself (or, more accurately, my book). Who ever thought I would say that? haha.

I'm sure I'll recharge and be back at it again later, fully amped to talk about and promote myself and my masterpeice, but for now, I need to take a break by thinking about something totally random and having nothing to do with me. I just read Water for Elephants which was brilliant but I can't talk about that because that sentence had the word 'I' in it so nevermind.

Oh, but that brings Robert Pattinson to mind, since he is in the movie. I could definitely sit and talk about him, as he's gorgeous and yummy and ... yeah you don't want to sit and listen to me though. It gets sappier and sappier. I'll just take a moment to myself. <pause. deep breath> Okay, I'm good now.

Actually, if I'm honest, there is an actor I love more than Rob. Its an affair that has been around since I was like twelve (yeah, I'm good at commitment) and I've never wavered in my devotion. CHRISTIAN BALE. Oh wow, he's just... Even when he was crazy in American Psycho. I usually can't watch movies like that (scaredy cat) but I watched that one, just to support him. I'm sure it meant alot to him that I did that.

It all started with a movie called Newsies and if you've never heard of it, then sadly, you have no idea that Christian can sing and dance - and you're missing out!! He was romantical and handsome and a bad boy and sweet all at once and I just couldn't help myself. (I was twelve!!) I think that was the beginning of my love for bad boys.

Oh and if you're wondering, yes, my husband knows about this. He's okay with it. He's still got a thing for Olivia Newton John so he can't say much.

So. I'm curious now... Who is your favorite male actor?


  1. Hahaha Heather! You are so funny!

    Rob Patterson...? Really? I just can't see it. He totally ruined MY Edward. Now ever time I go back and read Twilight, I see his ugly mug instead of the handsome face I used to see. Ruined!

    I've always liked Mark Wahlberg. Ever since I saw him in Fear with Reese Witherspoon. I was way too young to be watching that. And he was a REALLY bad boy in that one lol

    I really used to like Christian Slater. He's never in movies anymore though. Boo :(

    Angeline Kace

  2. oh yeah wasn't christian slater in that movie True Lies? yum

  3. Hahaha No. That was Arnold Schwarzenegger. So you have a thing for him huh? lol

    I think you might be thinking of a different movie.

  4. dang. ok that wasn't it then. me and arnold... not so much. what was that movie then? hmm. i'll be thinking about this all day now.

  5. Hahaha. You and Arnold. That's hot! lol

    I have been going crazy trying to figure out what movie you're thinking of. What was it about?

  6. I was a Newsies JUNKIE when that movie came out! I can't even tell you how many times my friend and I watched it. All those boys dancing and singing . . . I even went to YouTube not too long ago just to listen to some of the songs.

    "Dats my cigahr. You'll steal anudda. Hey bummahs, we got woik ta do . . ."

    Good times!

    Rob Pattinson and Christian Bale = Swoon!

  7. @Melissa I KNOW!! I have the soundtrack. Me and my sister can recite just about every line.

    "...Since when did you become me mudda? Ah stop your bawlin. Hey! Who asked you?!..."

    Great movie!

    @Angeline: I googled it. It was True Romance!!

  8. I love Newsies! I fell in love with Gabriel Damon and Max Casella.

    Christian Slater was my favorite character in Interview with a Vampire, an interesting comment since he's only in 5% of the movie. And I maintain undying devotion to Bill Paxton ever since I saw Near Dark.

  9. I like Bill Paxton for Big Love. But I don't really think he's sexy. Interesting though and the show was sort of like a train wreck: you couldn't look away. I loved that show and couldn't decide if I should admit to loving it or not. haha. Too late, its out there now!