Monday, February 21, 2011

A blog where I don't say much of anything

     See, I forewarned you in the title that this post isn't filled with any real, heavy information so don't get mad if you get to the bottom and think 'well, what was the point of that?' because you were told...

     There really isn't much going on here that is worth reporting but I'm going to ramble anyway. I'm still sitting at about one copy a day for sales but I'm not unhappy with it, actually. I know that I'm a 'nobody' as far as the publishing world - or even e-publishing world- goes. (Yeah, I felt like I should specify since it seems like those are 2 different arenas these days.) Anyway, I know it's going to take time to catch on and get my name out there, etc. and I'm still pretty  new at all this, so I'm being patient. I'm really getting antsy to finish Dirty Blood though just because I know it's better work and a great story. So, I can't wait to get it out there for everyone to enjoy. Speaking of, the cover shoot is March 6th and I'm hoping to have the writing done by then, too, and then finish the editing after that. I haven't set a release date yet but it will be sometime in March, which is exciting. I'll keep you posted. I'm also putting together a plan to do a couple of book giveaways for it, right around launch time. I'll be partnering with a couple other blogs/sites to do it, so stay tuned. The synopsis.description is coming soon (maybe even this week) so that you can get an idea what it's about.

     Which reminds me, I should update you on my to-do list that seemed so endless when I posted about it last week. I'm happy to report, I got ALOT done! Angeline probably wants me to tell you all: I am officially a part of the Twitter phenomenon now. You can connect with me @HeatherHildenbr. And I'm starting to pay attention to my FaceBook Author page so check me out there and friend request me. I want to do a book page that you can 'like' me at, but I'm going to wait a bit on that and focus on finishing Dirty Blood first. And, last but not least, my cover for Across the Galaxy's paperback edition on CreateSpace was FINALLY approved and they mailed out the proof copy last week so it should be here anytime!!!! Dang, that was a headache!! That cover must've been rejected no less than 12 times before it was approved (probably twice that, if you count how many times my husband fooled with it, too). So it's quite satisfying to know I finally figured it out. So, now what happens is this: when the proof copy gets here, I'll have to look it over, read through it, whatever, and then if it's good 2 go, click 'approve' on my CreateSpace account and they'll launch it for sale. If there's a problem, I will need to make changes, upload the new files, and repeat the proof process again. So, let's hope there are no problems! Oh and I paid the $39 for the premium author account and it lowered my sale price to under $10. Before that, it was telling me the min. price point was like $14 or something so that was definitely worth it. I think the sale price is going to be about 9.99 but I will let you know for sure when I announce that it's available.
     So, on my list for this week: work on Dirty Blood, write the blurb/description for Dirty Blood... and check the mail like a kid on Christmas!

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