Friday, August 29, 2014

8/30 My UtopYA - unofficial official tips and a blog hop

I was asked by my awesome, beautiful, & talented friend Carlyle Labuschagne (THIS gorgeous girl!)

to participate in some sage advice-giving posts all about how to survive--and thrive!--at the awesome place that is UtopyA con! UtopYA's basically my favorite book place to be in the entire world so I was definitely excited to help out with this fun hop. And, because typed words are not enough to convey the excitement, I did a video.

You're welcome.

Adam Kunz!!!!! Best advice ever.
(UtopYA 2013)

And if you haven't checked out any of the other hoppers, you should read the posts below along with any others they can lead you to. Here's a list of some other #UtopYA shenanigans!

Aug 6 Delphina Reads Too Much, Official UtopYA blogger
Aug 8 Amy Evans, author of Clicks
Aug 28 Chelsea Fine author of amazing stuff like the Archers of Avalon series and The Best Kind of Broken (which gave me the best kind of cry)

And you should DEFINITELY make it a priority to get your pretty ass to UtopYA next year. You won't regret going but you WILL regret not going. I'm just saying.

And, because UtopYA is ALWAYS about free books, here you go...

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  1. Thank you Heather for being part of the blog hop. You have been one of my highlights of my trip to the USA, I can not wait to see you again!

  2. Great post, Heather - loved that you did a video! UtopYA 2014 was my first time going, and I completely agree with the level of energy. It was first and foremost amazing, but also a bit overwhelming. For a little bit, I kinda felt like the new kid at school, but I got over that quickly. Looking forward to next year!

  3. Loved your video! :) So awesome. Great advice on the sexy vs comfy shoes! I only wore my pretties for the awards hehe Gotta love your sneakers! Thanks for taking part. See you next year! WRITE ON!