Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Extra, Extra...!

SO MANY THINGS. New things. Old things. Anticipated things. Surprising things <-- can't tell you about those yet. But I want to!!

Deviation is out!!!
woot woot!!!

This cover just amazes me. Fascinates me. Seriously, Emily Tippetts is a genius and sort of my new idol. After these past few weeks I'm now convinced, she can do everything. I mean, everything. If you want to know how to turn water into wine, you should probably email her. Just sayin'.

Anyway, Deviation, book 2 in the Clone Chronicles, is now available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.
Coming soon in pb and everywhere else that's important. 

And to kick things off, there's a giveaway (there should always be a giveaway) and it's this:

And the tour kicks off at A Book Vacation with Shana who rocks because she made me this:

And goes to places like Happy Tails and Tales on 3/15 with Maghon 
who will have a special announcement!!!!
and end with Kristen at Seeing Night Reviews
and then Cameron at What the Cat Read on 3/26. 
Be sure to enter the giveaway by then!!

Also, in the "New and Fantastically exciting department" is this AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT I CAN FINALLY SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!!

I feel like I should do a cheerleader kick here--but I don't know how, so I'll just say it:
I am officially the proud (one-third) owner of a publishing company!!!!!!
OH yeah-- you heard me right!!! Check it:

And the best part is that we're not your average, run-of-the-mill publisher. Oh no (I don't do anything average and I don't really know what run-of-the-mill looks like so...)

What are we about?

While sharing marketing tips and discussing cover art, independent authors Amanda Aksel, Heather Hildenbrand, and Sara Panek all came to the same conclusion; wouldn’t it be great if there was a publishing house that offered all the resources of traditional publishing, while still allowing the creative freedom of independent publishing? They set out to create their vision, and Elephantine Publishing was born.

Elephantine is a collaborative publisher. Our goal is to partner with you to turn your love of writing into a successful career for years to come. We work side by side with our authors through every step of the publishing process to create a unique and professional title to share with the world. Using strategic marketing, we provide our authors with industry tools and resources to build readership and grow sales.

Our aim is simple. We seek to provide access to all stories worth telling, whether or not the words fit into a neatly labeled box. Words that resonate in your bones. Stories you’ll never forget.

I am so excited to be able to FINALLY share this news with you!!! 
(THIS is where I've been hiding for months.)
I hope you'll check us out.
I'm pretty proud of my elephant baby.

in the "EXCITING STORY OF MY LIFE" department
(I'm just full of good things lately and I love it)
I am still in Guam, still soaking it up. 
Still hanging out in places that look like this:

And I just want you guys to know I am so GRATEFUL for so many awesome readers and bloggers. You guys are what makes this possible for my life!!! Thank you so much for giving me this gift!! <3
Every day I wake up in awe of the life I get to lead. 
Much love. 


  1. I would not mind having a clone of me LOL That way I would have four hands to take care of what I now struggle with only having two ;) Thank you for the fun and making me smile today. Congratulations on this awesome sounding new release!

  2. I wish I had a clone of a famous chef so I did not have to cook anymore! lol Congrats on the new release!

  3. I wish I had a clone of Dale Jr of my own. Thanks for the chance for the beautiful necklace.

  4. I wish I had a clone of myself..that way I could go do all the things I never have time for:-) while she does all the dirty work...

  5. I would like a clone of someone - anyone! - who likes to cook and clean, things I am not fond of.
    Bonnie Hilligoss - bonnie at bonnieanddave dot com

  6. This is a tough one...I mean more of me would be great so I can get more done but then I think of Multiplicity(the movie) and that got a bit dicey. Then I think about having a clone of someone like Bill Gates or something so I never have to worry about my computer being out or Emeril so I never have to make dinner or Chris Hemsworth for obvious reasons but I am just not sure.