Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year ... and what I resolve

I just love New Year's!
And not for the confetti or the noisemakers or watching the ball drop in Times Square. I love it for all of the stuff that goes on inside me. The reflecting back over the past twelve months, appreciating and enjoying the memories and adventures and successes and victories of the past year. And taking what lessons are to be learned from the good and the bad, and applying it to the coming year. Deciding where you want to go. There's something about standing at the front edge of a new year that makes a person feel like they're fully capable of driving their own ship. And in such an exciting sea of possibilities!
Here's what I've taken from 2013 and applied to what I will manifest for myself in 2014. Or my "What I Resolve" list.

I resolve to treat people with love. And kindness. To be the ultimate Golden Rule follower and "do unto others." In 2013, there were times I felt such sucking, black energy that was so anti-love and so judgmental that it was stifling. How do people live that way? When you aren't sure where to go or how to respond in a given situation, always go with love. There isn't enough of that being spread around and for some people, yours will be the truest expression. Make it pure.

I resolve to choose myself. Too many times and for too many years I chose duty and obligation and what I thought I should do instead of what made me happy and what made me grow into the best version of myself I could be. In 2014 and beyond, I choose to release myself from the guilt of anyone else's opinion of my decisions, and choose ME. My own happiness and passion, no matter what others say or think.

I resolve to pursue my passions with my WHOLE heart. To radiate it and let my work--whether it's books or coaching others--glitter and shine and pulse with the excited energy that spills over from a heart that is full.

I resolve to write more Wes and Alex and Linc. This is for my readers--and for the pull of stories in my heart that makes me love being a writer.

I resolve to live every day like it's my first. Not my last. Live like life is fresh and full of newness, not desperate, like you're hurrying to fit it in before you reach the end.I will seek adventures, small and large, and always be open to new opportunities and experiences. There is an adventure right outside your back door if you're open to experiencing it.

I resolve to seek balance. Work, family, spirit, physical, and love--all of these have a place in my day. I will seek each one so that I am a full cup, always able to give when needed. To my children and my family and the ones I love. And to those I meet who are empty and in need of what I offer.

And last, I resolve to always say what I mean. I choose truth and light, no holding back. No worrying what others will think of my true thoughts and opinions. I will be true to my deepest self even when it requires bravery.
My theme song for 2014:

What's your theme song for 2014? What do you resolve?

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