Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A "where have I been?" post

It's February 12th. I haven't blogged in a month. Well, geez. I've been in the writing cave so long I think you deserve an update.

I've been pretty quiet about my projects (I have several) and WIP's (just finished one, finally!) and real life drama (it's starting to settle into something lovely)--so let's catch you up. MANY of you (did I say many? yeah. cuz it's a lot.) have messaged me recently, asking when the heck the next Dirty Blood book will be out and there better be another or we'll come and find you in your sleep... <-- in a totally non-threatening way. So, for all of you threatening to stalk me with violent hugs, here it is: 

For the past few months, I've been working on a new project. It's the first book in a new series. The title is--Are you ready for this? because this is the official announcement--IMITATION. It's very different from everything else I've published. (aren't they all?) it's a YA Dystopian. And it's been a ton of fun to write. I love it. My betas loved it. I think you're going to love it too. It's with the editor now (picture Jenn Sommersby wielding her comma-sword. The page is bloody, I assure you) and I will let you know AS SOON as I can when it will be available to you AND when I have a cover to show you. (next week, maybe?) 

My recent hiding out has been largely due to staying focused and finishing Imitation and because I didn't want to announce anything too early since I didn't know when it would be ready. So I stayed quiet and kept my head down. Also, as referenced in my last rant, er post, I've had some personal life Stuff (<-- capital S needed) going on. It's slowly working itself out and I find myself feeling mostly settled and enjoying the universe again. 

The good news is this: I have officially started working on Dirty Blood #4!!!!!!!! <-- THIS is what you all wanted to hear. no stalker-hugs needed. I started plotting in depth last night and will continue until I am ready to write (probably next week.) and then it's on like donkey kong. I don't have a title yet. Playing around with a couple of ideas. But this one is definitely going to rock socks!

So there it is. The latest and greatest. 

P.S. On a serious note, I am not complaining about the messages I get asking me when certain books will be written and out. I LOVE hearing from you guys! I get a lot from readers making suggestions about how they think the next book should go or what Alex's motives should be so he isn't in so much trouble with Tara--those are my favorite! Keep 'em coming, guys! <3 you! 

For no particular reason except that it's Tuesday, you needed to see this. 


  1. YAY!!! Your new book sounds awesome! And double YAY for Dirty Blood #4! :D

  2. i seconf the YAY! I can not wait for both bools

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to get to read Imitation. :)