Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whisper giveaway and UtopYA shoutouts

HOLY ...

This summer is going by fast!!!! It makes me sad. I love summer like a fat kid and cake. I really need to move south because I hate the cold. I like looking out a window at a snowy scene but I don't like standing in it as a rule. <--- already off track. Nobody cares about snow in July.

So I went to UtopYA in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. *Sigh* It's really been over for that long. I had sooooo much fun and met sooooo many fun people. Authors and readers and bloggers, most of which I've been chit-chatting with online for at least a year now. So it was one of those #EpicLifeMoments like every 5 minutes all week long.

I roomed with Angeline Kace (author of Descended By Blood), Chelsea Fine (author of the Anew, Awry, and Sophie & Carter), and KC Neal (author of Pyxis). This hashtag -----> #Epic could be used to sum it up. We had a blast.

That's me on the left, next to KC. Then Ang, then Chelsea. (Thanks, Michael, for taking such a great pic!)

One of the highlights was a panel I was on called StoryFrenzy where we created a story completely through Improv and audience/card prompts. Amanda Havard, Chelsea Fine, Brina Courtney, and the rest were HILARIOUS! We didn't get to finish our story, though, about a Were-Liger named Xavier and his ex-military girlfriend so if you want to read the story or see how it ends, stay tuned on Twitter for this ---> #Ligerbane. We will continue the story, 144 characters at a time. 

And a huge "LOVE YOU!" to everyone I met: Tiffany King & fam, Adam & Carol Kunz, Quinn Loftis, Michelle Leighton, Raine Thomas, Supagurl Heather, everyone at Art Circle Library, Amy Bartol, Janet Wallace, Amanda Havard, KP Simmons, the cast of Auror's Tale, Myra McEntire, Brina Courtney, Morgan Wylie, Abbi Glines, Jamie Anderson, Delphina & Rachel, Ella James, Alli (Magnet 4 Books) <---- love all of you!!! I know I'm forgetting peeps. And whoever you are, don't be mad. It doesn't mean I don't love you, too. I just can't think straight because UtopYA gives me a brain buzz just thinking about it.

And because I want to spread my excitement around, I have a giveaway. I'm putting together some fun stuff for Whisper coming up in a few weeks and as a teaser I am offering some of Whisper's jewelry up for grabs!   

And if you've already read Whisper, the button here ------>
may interest you. It's Dylan ;) Feel free to copy it and splash it all over your blog or website. He won't mind.

As for the contest, you can enter via the rafflecopter below. Contest is international! 
**There is also a special giveaway going on EXCLUSIVELY for my street team which is open to bloggers. Click the link here to request to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/300938726647500/

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  1. I'd love to, but I deleted my facebook :(

  2. It was too awesome meeting you at UtopYA! Great giveaway!