Sunday, August 21, 2011

new DreamKiller available!

DreamKiller, Book 1 and 2 is now available on Amazon for .99. It's a combined version of the two I already have out and is a better value at .99 total (instead of .99 for each segment.) Here's the cover:

There will be a special giveaway coming up, too, so check back (hint: Tuesday) for more details and where you can go to win a copy. 

And DON'T FORGET to enter in the comments section in the post below for the paw print earrings. Giveaway ends 8/22. Just leave your name and email addy in the comments. You can follow my blog for an extra entry, just let me know your GFC username. I'll announce the winners for that and the giveaway deets for DreamKiller, Book 1 and 2 on Tuesday. Here's the earrings if you haven't already seen them:

Adorable!! And, if you haven't already heard of my DreamKiller series, here's the 4-1-1:

Most people's dreams are hazy and long forgotten by the time their eyes blink open. Most people's dreams don't literally come true either. Marlena's do...

In Book 1:
Little Hearts Orphanage has always been a safe haven for 'special' individuals. Azura, the headmistress, has gone to great lengths to ensure the resident's true abilities remain secret from those who would exploit them. Her mantra: The secret must be protected at all costs.
That's where Marlena comes in. Raised in the orphanage, under Azura's wing, she has committed herself and her 'gifts' to Azura's service - and to wiping out those who seek to expose Marlena and the others for what they truly are.

Book 2:
In the last thirty-six hours, Marlena’s entire world has shifted. She trusted her gut, and the word of a stranger, defied the only parental figure she’s ever known, and went up against the most powerful tracker the ‘Specials’ had ever seen.
Now Korian is dead and Azura has named Marlena the number one suspect. She has no choice but to hide. In a seedy apartment in the slums of downtown, Lukas tells her the truth about how she became an orphan.
It’s time to decide where Marlena will place her loyalty and whether the truth warrants a fight or flight…

DreamKiller 1& 2 is a combined volume of both short stories currently available in the Specials Series. It is a short story totaling 15,000 words.

Fans of X-men and Heroes, this is for you!