Sunday, September 26, 2010

In The Beginning

     In the beginning, there was nothing. A void. An emptiness... and then along came my blog!

     This is the true, honest, only-embellished-for-your-entertainment, blog of a new writer. Well, I mean, I, personally, am not new. I've been around for almost 3 decades. But I am new to the "I want to publish my writing" world, and in following some (what will hopefully be good) advice I received recently, I am going public with my goal and enlisting the help of a perfect stranger: You.

     So, listed elsewhere on this blog will be samples of my writing, and I ask that you, either stranger or friend, read it, enjoy it, and feel free to comment on it afterwards. Even if what you have to say is what we like to call, constructive criticism, that's fine too. Don't worry, I can take it. I'm a big girl.



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