Street Team

Do you run a book review blog?

Are you so awesomesauce that you have a hard time breaking away from your own reflection each morning to delve into your next great read?

Are your blog posts so full of glittery goodness that you have to pace yourself so you don't overwhelm your readers?

And--most importantly--do you love my books?

If you answered "heck yeah" to any of the above (especially that last one) then you should join my street team, "Heather's Hotshots!!!!" Because being in my street team is going to rock your socks, I promise you that.

So, what exactly is a street team and what will you do as a member of one? (I totes just read your mind, didn't I?)

A street team member, more specifically, a "hotshot" basically does everything she already did before. Read ARC's and post reviews, host giveaways and tour dates, tweet about my books, and spread the word about all the hottie characters you love in my stories!

Now, what's in it for you? This:

-An exclusive blog button that identifies you as a "hotshot" so that everyone will know and there shall be no confusion that You. Are. A rock star.
-exclusive info on story excerpts, deleted scenes, and book details that you can post on your blog, or facebook, or do whatever with 'em.
-ARC's of each new title as they are ready. As in, BEFORE anyone else gets them!
-Special prizes and giveaways available only to street team members!
-SWAG! <---need I say more?
-New book release tours and hops will be invitation only and selected from street team bloggers.
-**All active members will be listed in the "acknowledgments" section of the next book in my Dirty Blood series!!!

Oh, and here's a teaser of one of the buttons you can choose from when you join:

As you can see from the list above, being a "hotshot" is where it's at. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this street team will be, or all of the spectacular goodies you will have access to as a result of joining. Not that I'm bribing. Seriously. I've wanted a way to thank all of my special blogger friends for a while now, and my street team is the perfect way to do it. That is exactly why this is for bloggers only ... for now.

To request entry into the group, click HERE. It's a closed Facebook group, so you must request entry and I will approve you. Peeps can see the group but not the posts (for privacy). Once you're in, you'll have access to the most current giveaways and fun bloggy buttons to decorate your webspace with. See you there!